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Captain Spaulding, Chakras, and Ghost Hunts: A Skeptic's Weekend At A Horror Convention

If you can’t tell by my attached photo gallery, I absolutely love the horror and supernatural genres of entertainment. Alfred Hitchcock, Vincent Price, George Romero, Quentin Tarantino, Boris Karloff, and Peter Cushing? Cannot get enough. I love the macabre art inspired by all things dark and taboo. Little coffins decorated with favorite…


Added by Bluegrass Skeptic on September 20, 2015 at 7:13am — 7 Comments

"sometimes, I just miss the crutches"

This is an answer I gave to a friend who wrote to me, "sometimes, I just miss the crutches". 

Of course you miss the experiences you had as a christian. There was community, music, probably some fun and games, Interesting stories, probably made interesting because they were myths. We all enjoy a good myth, especially if it involved murdering thy neighbor or bashing babies heads against the stone walls, or thrusting a sword through the bellies of babies or pregnant mothers. 



Added by Joan Denoo on October 25, 2014 at 12:09pm — 4 Comments

Mondo Diablo Episode 357: Hell House!

The most evil and diabolical acts typically come from teenagers in an evangelical Christian youth group. Namely, a "Hell House." We get our clips about Hell Houses and five year-olds exposed to "The Shining," from "This American Life."


Intro Monsterland

Alleee 1

Hellhouse 1

Dandelion Junk Queens * Halloween

Verne Langdon * Nocturnal Quest

Hellhouse 2



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Mondo Diablo Episode 277: The Dunwich Horror

The Dunwich Horror comes to us from H. P. Lovecraft, who informs us of the origins of Cthulu. You would think that, coming from Massachusetts, Lord Cthulu would be a democrat. Oh well, live and learn.


Dunwich 1

Alleee 1

Robert Cobert * Quentin's Theme

Ruth Roberts, Bil Katz, Gene Piller * The Pumpkin on the Vine

Dunwich 2

Ozzie Nelson & his… Continue

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Mondo Diablo Episode 275 The Edge of Ol' Man Mose

Happy Mocktober, Everyone. This week, I have the episode "The Edge of Evil," from "Macabre," and a lovely array of recordings of one of my favorite spooky songs, "Ol' Man Mose is Dead." Interpretation of the words in that song is up to The Ear that hears it.


Edge of Evil 1

Alleee 1

Betty Hutton * Ol' Man Mose

Lew Dite * Ol' Man Mose

Edge of Evil… Continue

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Mondo Diablo Episode 218: The Blood Countess Part 2

Part 2 of "Nightfall's" dramatization of the legend of Elizabeth Bathory, the Blood Countess.


Blood Countess 11

Alleee 1

John Carradine with the Chico Hamilton Quintet * Night Song for the Sleepless

Blood Countess 12

101 Strings * Tubular Bells

Blood Countess 13


Blood Countess 14

Andre Kostelanetz * Trick or… Continue

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Mondo Diablo Episode 217: The Blood Countess Part 1

Articles about Elizabeth (Erzsébet) Báthory

Wikipedia Entry article

Marvel Universe entry

Elizabeth (Erzsébet) Báthory was known as… Continue

Added by Rev Hellbound Alleee on October 8, 2009 at 5:41pm — No Comments

Shool of Rock - Horror Trailer

I was gigglin' like Roscoe P. Coltrane watching this trailer. Jack Black is my dream man.… Continue

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Because I feel like it

I'm going to start blogging whatever useless nonsense I happen to be thinking about or doing whenever I feel like it.

For instance right now, I would like to announce the following:

After Dark Horror Fest... Some of their "Films to Die For" are really, well... Not. One of three so far has been decent.

I think the worst part is they claim that they're films "so disturbing they don't make it to the box-office," or something of that nature anyway. Okay, if by "disturbing" they… Continue

Added by Jas Brimstone on January 30, 2009 at 10:10pm — 2 Comments

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