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Miracles and madness

Religion is probably the single most excuse for violence in the World today.  Everywhere internecine strife is found religious differences are normally the root of the problem. Fundamentalism, denominational differences, and basic religious hatred, is apologised for with statements blaming fanatics and extremists, words of condolence for the peaceful majority who never the less sanctify the very scriptures demanding bloody retribution. The self-…


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Law dances the fine line between religion and insanity

“There is nothing that is too obvious of an absurdity to be firmly planted in the human head as long as you begin to instill before the age of five by constantly repeating it

with an air of great seriousness.”

– Arthur Schopenhauer

“Since it is obviously inconceivable that all religions can be right, the most obvious conclusion is that they are all wrong.”

-- Christopher Hitchens

“Society attacks early, when the child…


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Europe, like Oklahoma City know the score about...

Dr Michael Stone, an expert on forensic psychiatry at Columbia University, New York, said it was a conclusion no psychiatrist in the US would have reached. "I have the impression that 'insane' in Scandinavia is more or less synonymous with 'crazy', which casts a wider net than 'insane' as a legal term," he said. "Breivik, as far as I can put together, is of a paranoid and narcissistic personality configuration, like most terrorists."…


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Road Rage

"You never really learn to swear until you learn to drive."

- quote by Steven Wright

NY drivers are assholes. It's a fact. You get cut off, tailgated in the middle of a highway, swerving, unnecessary speeding! Once your swear palette gets filled, you turn into a narcissistic impatient driver yourself. It's the nature of the beast. What video games taught me was patience which usually gets me from coming out of my car and go postal on someone, until… Continue

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"Theocratic Sect Prays for Real Armageddon"

I'm perhaps a little too worried about this, but I found it rather horrifying. I've heard of similar cults, but this is the first I've heard of this one. I know it's a long article, but read some of it, at least. I think it's good for us to be reminded of just how crazy people can get.

//Theocratic Sect Prays for Real Armageddon

By Casey Sanchez, Southern Poverty Law… Continue

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Finally! JESUSPAN!

My life has obviously been devoid of joy and happiness until this very moment. I've been eating my bread lightly toasted without a religious figure lovingly pressed into it! How did I ever manage to enjoy carbs until now?!

I couldn't make this kind of shit up if I tried. Fool, money, parted...blah blah…


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