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Man has never been to the moon, deal with it.

 I am a lover of all thing Star Wars and deep into astrology, which I believe, gives me a more advanced opinion then most in regards to the credibility of the Apollo moon landings. I have perused the videos, read the books, and spoken with several people who claim to have been living on the moon at the time. My conclusion is that not only did the Apollo astronauts not land on…


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Evolution is Unfalsifiable?

Falsifiability is very important in science; scientific theories and hypotheses can not be scientific unless they are falsifiable. When creationist finally learn this they attempt to use it to discredit the theory of evolution.

Before I tear apart the argument I should explain what falsification is and its relevance in science. If something is unfalsifiable it can not be shown to be false, if it is falsifiable is can be shown to be false. Science does not prove theories and… Continue

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