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Commies vs Christians

I have a lot of problems with China. Their pollution, they're human rights violations, the fact that they hold our purse strings. Overall, China hasn't been doing a whole lot lately to thrill me, and no amount of Olympic Games is going to change that. I can't suddenly respect the host when I come over for dinner and I can clearly see the pancake make-up his wife is wearing to cover up the abuse.

I am also not thrilled with their censorship. It's bad. It's bad in any decent,… Continue

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And thus, the secular Republican turns water into wine

...and the believing Democrat is subjected to the Rovian lions.

The New Evangelicals: Like The Right, Only Broader

Heading into lift the gates of the lion's pens event, Warren was declaring that, since it is his job as a pastor to shepherd “Democrats and Republicans and liberals and conservatives and moderates” he wasn’t going to ask “gotcha questions” but…

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Candidates Take Part in Massive Chruch Fundraiser

So, I'm a-Googlin' and a-searchin' for a complete list of the questions Rick Warren asked the candidates last night, as I'd like to answer them myself, and I came across this little nugget of information that stopped me. And I couldn't get around it to move on, so I have to blog about it. This is the Wikipedia entry for the 'debate:'

On August 16, 2008, Rick Warren arranged a meeting between Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama at Saddleback called the Civil Forum on The…

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Political Religion: Tax Exempt Status

From: Proposition 8 and Religion in California - ToTheCenter:

Currently, in California, Propositon 8 is on the ballot to define marriage as being solely between a man and woman. While I am not surprised at this movement, what does sound alarm bells for me has to do with churches. Today, my mother went to a meeting held on church grounds, but not inside the building structure itself, where they discussed…

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The Not-So-Great Debate

Anyone remember this?

A Who's Who of America's top scientists are launching a quixotic last-minute effort this week to force presidential candidates to detail the role science would play in their administrations -- a question they say is key to the future of the country, if not the world.

What? Presidential candidates debating and discussing science? The very science(s) that affect our daily lives in vital ways--medically, environmentally, technologically? That's… Continue

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No Room in the Big Tent for Us

Ronald Aronson has a good piece up over at Huffington in which he talks about all the secularists of the Democratic party are being ignored at this year's DNC convention.

When first avowing his religious credentials for president, Barack Obama said -- and then repeated many times since -- that "secularists are wrong when they ask believers to leave their religion at the door before entering the public square." The party that will soon nominate Obama is to be praised for its… Continue

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Atheism, Politics and Friends

I’m reading a book that is so good, so interesting, that I’ve highlighted almost every sentence. It’s a gold mine of ideas and information, a real treat to read.

If you looked at my book list, you’ll notice that I haven’t read all the “traditional” books that all other atheists seem to love. That’s not to say that I won’t, but I became an atheist when most of those books didn’t exist.

Once I… Continue

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Putting the Edwards Affair in Perspective

Like most people, John Edwards's affair doesn't thrill me. It's not the decision I would have personally had him make. That being said, I fail to see what this has to do with politics, except as a supposed misstep in political strategy, which is all the media seems to care about these days. Not important issues such as Iraq/Afghanistan and the economy. Not direct political wrong-doings of BushCo. No. Day after day we're subjected to fluff pieces, who 'looks' more Presidential (sorry,… Continue

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It is a shame that I've had to wait so long to see Democrats excited about an election--an election we have a wonderfully good chance of winning--only to be biffed in the face by my party at the same time. As the country makes a swing to the left, the Democratic party is making a swing to the right--the evangelical right, that is. It's not that I think while they are consciously appealing the the religious they are simultaneously consciously dissing the godless. In fact, I'll say that they have… Continue

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Tim Pawlenty, veto machine!

It's been reported this week that John "McSame" McCain has been cavorting with his potential V.P. candidates. One name that's supposedly high on his list is Minnesota Governor Tim "T-Paw" Pawlenty. If Dick Cheney was the dark emperor from 'Star Wars' this guy wouldn't just be his Darth Vader...he'd kill him in a bid for power and use the corpse as a chair.

Those outside Minnesota likely know very little about 'little Timmy from Maple Grove' so I felt the need to share this article… Continue

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George W Bush Sewage Plant

Ah, morning. Wake up, stumble around the apartment, feed the cat, get the coffee, sit down...whaddaya need? Sometimes I need a good laugh, but don't often get it. I'm usually bombarded with things like natural disasters, tragic shooting deaths, my candidate morphing into a conservative, and Atheist Nexus being a Christian sham. But today, we have been provided ample belly-laughs… Continue

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Atheist Revolution

My blog, Atheist Revolution, focuses on breaking free from irrational belief and opposing Christian extremism in America. Content emphasizes promoting the atheist movement (i.e., atheism, reason, science, critical thinking, etc.) and exposing the realities of Christian extremism in the United States. In addition, I regularly address progressive politics and offer tips to atheist bloggers for increasing traffic to their blogs.

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Houston Chronicle

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A writer in your previous town of resident wrote a gem of an editorial about the presidential hopefuls' religious pissing contest. I was surprised something like this could come out of Texas.

Maybe Alabama will be next.

Maybe not.

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It's Over

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It's official. America is a Theocracy.

Yesterday we lost the right to challenge executive-branch government spending. The Supreme Court ruled that we can't even challenge "faith-based initiatives." For 7 years, our joke of a president has been holding prayer breakfasts, faith-based lunches, and dinners with the leaders of every major denomination of America's Official Religion, Christianity™. The money… Continue

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Pete Stark, I Salute You

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I don't think many people realize how amazingly important it was that Pete Stark admitted his godlessness. It's a lot like the episode of Ellen when she "came out" on the show. It's completely unprecedented, and it opens the door for other politicians to do the same. There are atheist… Continue

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