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I attended my first meeting of the South East Wisconsin Free Thinkers (SWIFT) today and it was an eyeopener. The group has existed for many years operating informally however this past year SWIFT decided to apply for tax exempt status. Today there was mostly talk of the by-laws, board elections and how to continue growing the organization. One…


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Doing SWIFT radio show

Tonight, despite problems with congestion, I decided to attend my first broadcast of the South East Wisconsin Freethinkers radio program. I arrived late, having conked out earlier this afternoon. Lizzy and I cancelled a social event we had planned because neither of us was feeling well. However I was motivated by the realization I have trouble getting around to do much else besides work, the poor quality of the Facebook atheist groups and the desire to meet people…


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Should I shoud radio?

One of my friends Damien Jones sent me a Facebook message about the possibility of being on the South East Wisconsin Freethinkers Radio program. I had mentioned that SWIFT has two programs on Riverwest radio. I have always been interested in radio including the old time shows and the development of public radio. I imagine it must be fun putting together various segments by keeping track of the news, discussing them and figuring out what to include.I used to read a…


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Other churches swoop in to recruit the crestfallen rapture rejects

As the end of the day approached, and the folks who had emptied their bank accounts and abandoned their lives in preparation for a glorious ascent into heaven began to realize that the train wasn't coming, other churches began to show up at American Family Radio. That's got to be depressing when other churches start rubbing it in.…


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My newest project

So on April 9th, my good friend Jason had me come on his internet radio show to discuss the May 21, 2011 end times prophesy. It was originally just going to be me on the show with his co-hosts. The show runs for two hours and we were set to talk about Harold Camping, May 21st, and the rapture more generally. However, about 4 hours before the show was to start Brother Mike called Jason's hotline and…


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In both of science and religions areas of my life, I have many more experiences that added to both my understanding of the natural world and understanding about Christianity and religion. In high school, I was fortunate to take almost every science class that was offered. I even became a science proctor, [that is a teacher's aide or assistant]. The classes I took included: General Science, Biology,(two years) Chemistry, Astronomy, Physics, and Zoology. The only two classes I didn't take that…


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Mondo Diablo Episode 281: Dear Friends

Enjoy the Firesign Theatre from 1970, from the show "Dear Friends."


Dear Friends 1

Alleee 1

Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker * Girl at the Top B

Art Peterson * Twinkie Insanity Bay

Dear Friends 2

H Flowers and B Morgan * Movement One

Isabelle * Amstramgram

Dear Friends 3

Alan Hawkshaw * Soul Organ Blues

Radiocrack *… Continue

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Hummingbird BS

Oh we have a blog here. That's cool. Maybe I could use it to let out my aggravations.

Anyway I'm happy to find Nexus and a place for pretty much like-minded folks. I should have found it sooner but oh well. I have been atheist since high school and only on a few short occasions have I really got more involved with my lack of beliefs until recently.

I have been using Second Life off and on again and since I've been using it again I saw someone with a group called "Atheists United" in… Continue

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Mondo Diablo Episode 263: WOW! We're the Top of the Pops Where the Hits Don't Stop...s

I DO believe that this 60's radio-themed podcast included a recipe for


Here's the ingredient list:

2-3 pounds various slow-cook meats, diced, and/or ground

1 Onion

2-3 stalks celery

1 pepper, any color

1 TB butter


1 grocery store packet spicy chili seasoning or your own chili seasoning choice (for a large… Continue

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Mondo Diablo Episode 258: I Have Three Heads

This week's podcast is all about an old Ampex reel-to-reel tape editor who can talk, and reminisce. It's from an old episode of the CBS Radio Workshop.

See lots of interesting old recording equipment at


I Have… Continue

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Just as annoying on national radio

I often come to the site and nit pick, point out fallacy, and am the ever present skeptic. It can be annoying, I know, but I cant help it...and yesterday when I heard the CBC claim that Jupiter's lost belt would be around 150,000 KM long, I just couldnt sit idly by without response. Fortunately for the listeners, CBC found a most clever and entertaining method to wrap my comments in, which, I felt, made it well worth sharing with all you folks at A/N.…


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Mondo Diablo Episode 250: Tomorrow Radio (Double Episode)

In the Amazing Year 1983, what radio will be like--and it sucks.


Tomorrow Radio 1

Alleee 1

For You, For Me, Forevermore

Mcrebennack * Sahara

Tomorrow Radio 2

Maxine Sullivan * Keepin' Out of Mischief Now

Barry Forgie * Mediterranee

Tomorrow Radio 3

Sachin Dev Burman * Meri Duniya Hai Maa

Bernard Hermann * Signals

Tomorrow… Continue

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I love podcasts. I've been listening to them for a couple years now, because I found Skeptics' Guide to the Universe, Skeptoid, and Scientific American. There are so many good podcasts out there, and such a huge diversity. Chariots of Iron, SGU, Skepticality, This American Life, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, etc etc.

What initially draws you to a podcast- the topic, the slickness of their advertising, their format, the options they have available for their community- and just as… Continue

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Radio Show?

If I were to start a weekly radio type show on my blog(, would you listen/call in? I mean its not worth it unless I would have atleast one other person to talk to. Let me know. Also if you have any advice for my blog I would enjoy hearing from you!
Visit My Site

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Greg Laden, Lynn Fellman and Genie Scott on Atheists Talk, Sunday May 3rd

Stream live or download podcast. Here are the details:

Lynn Fellman will be quizzing anthropologists Genie Scott of the National Center for Science Education and Greg Laden of the University of Minnesota on the subject of creationist attempts to weaken science education in k-12 education. Dr. Scott testified before the Texas State Board of Education as the board was considering how to re-write the scientce standards. Texas… Continue

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Radio and Community of Reason

I will be talking about my book on kkfi radio tomorrow, see: then speaking to the Kansas City Community of Reason at 1-3:00 Sunday afternoon.

Added by Darrel Ray on March 7, 2009 at 4:50pm — 1 Comment

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