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Atheism vs Agnosticism

I came up with a very long post for another reason. Since I'm happy with how it turned out I thought I should post it here. It was in response to someone misusing the term agnostic, and was insisting that a lack of beliefs is agnosticism and that atheism is the positive belief that no gods exist. The person was also using agnosticism to mean that we currently don't have enough knowledge about gods but that we may one day have enough knowledge and rejecting the notion that knowledge of…


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Not abandoning words and terms

With respect to my use of terms like morality and ethics I obviously don't believe I must stop using words that confuse other people when I have things worked out cogently in my own head with the terms at hand.

I'm not going to give over whole blocks of words to people who use them ineptly as in the Christian and Kantian use/ misuse of the word morality or the most arbitrary and Machiavellian use of the word ethics. The word abandonment strategy has been tried before. It is better to… Continue

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"As If" - Deconstructing Religious Memes

Here's an essay that I submitted to Broowaha Los Angeles. Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~

What happens when believers and nonbelievers start to debate religion?

The first thing that is placed on the table is a covert acceptance of the religious person’s beliefs. How so? This happens the moment that a nonbeliever acknowledges and uses the words that the believer is using.

Acknowledgement, recognition, and understanding implicitly support an argument, no matter what it… Continue

Added by Lori Stephens on November 16, 2008 at 12:00pm — 4 Comments

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