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Faith (especially Religious Faith) = Ignorance, by all definitions.

Faith in all its definitions, even non-religious definitions is a form of deliberate ignorance. 


Faith:  (Oxford Dictionary).


1> Complete trust or confidence in someone or…


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Do You Have Any Questions For Missionaries or Atheist Charity Workers?

Dear reader,

I need your help and advice.

Awhile ago I heard about Seth Andrews' $30,000 Atheist Charity Drive. Before that I had heard about the Foundation Beyond Belief and other pre-existing secular charities.

While thinking about this, an idea entered my mind. Why not reach out to…


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Primitive minds!


In the grand scheme of the universe, and the scale of our evolutionary time line, humans are young. Extremely young. Infants, struggling to stand on our own two feet. We know almost nothing of what there is to know. We can comprehend only a smidgen of what there is to comprehend. Our minds still struggle to accept the reality of our existence, our insignificance. We must evoke magical beings to fill our understanding, rather than accept that we simply don't…


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More Infighting Among Christian Sects

Pastor Rob Bell, one of the new rising rock stars of Christianity, has stirred up a hornets’ nest with his book Love Wins. In today’s article by Cathy Lynn Grossman of USA TODAY, Bell exposes the new kinder, gentler Christianity that has emerged as a reaction to the hellfire and brimstone alternative offered by most evangelical writers. In his book, he turns conventional Christian theology on its…


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Rerun of Episode 51: Bad Bible Part 2

This week, I'm feeling pretty poorly, sorta shut down. I've been listening to and enjoying some of my older podcasts, so I thought I'd share an old one with you guys, one from 3 years ago. I hope you like it.

Episode 51: Bad Bible… Continue

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Atheism 101: Refuting Presupposition Theology

Various forms of Presupposition Theology have become all the rage with theists lately. The concept, simply put is that Christians must presuppose the truth of the Bible. Christians who subscribe to the presupposition concept tend to argue that atheists take reason as a presupposition and on faith. They further argue that reason presupposes a God. In other words, the reason for reason is God.

It is not uncommon to hear a Christian ask an atheist about the foundation of reason these… Continue

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Refuting Dispensational Theology

Dispensational Theology is a popular Biblical view. It is the idea that the Old Testament was God’s plan A and that when Jesus was crucified he abolished this covenant in favor of a New Covenant (plan B) in the form of the not yet written New Testament.

Read the rest of this Article


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God's Divine Plan?

Think of the most hideous thing that has ever happened to a single individual or nation. A woman raped and then savagely murdered right in front of her three children, for example. If a "God" really didn't want that to happen, it wouldn't have, would it? Ditto when it comes to the Holocaust and the massive death and suffering caused by "natural" calamities - in fact, all of mankind's suffering

When "the…


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Adventures in Bible Hell

A few days ago I was at the book store and decided to take a look at the Bibles on sale. I'd been thinking about getting a Bible of my very own for a while. As an atheist, I feel I have a responsibility to know what I'm talking about, because I think being educated - rather than merely being "intellectual" - is a core part of what we stand for. I was hoping to find a Bible with enough space on the margins for me to jot down notes. Sacreligious perhaps, but I just find it handy to take notes in… Continue

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The Holy Foreskin

This is a translation from an original post I made in Spanish. There's more talk about this issue in the hispanic blogs, perhaps due to the increased catholic presence. I guess some probably have not heard about this.

You won't believe this one.

There's many questions that go unanswered in the catholic catechism. How did all the animals fit in the ark? Did Adam have a bellybutton? Do you really expect us to believe this shit? There are other questions, however,… Continue

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religion, now with aliens?

In May of last year, the director of the Vatican Observatory, Father Gabriel Funes, attracted a few sideways glances after he said that not only could intelligent aliens exist on other worlds but they would be free from original sin since there’s nothing in the Bible about aliens eating the forbidden fruit. But while his article in a Vatican newspapers has been published as an novel oddity, does it represent a future trend of religious institutions rushing to make a definitive statement on… Continue

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On Faith

Figured I would post this writing from college, since it kind of applies.

Questioning Faith

We live in an artificial reality. The world around us is the result of thousands of years of culture and beliefs being abstracted over generations. There is little we "believe" and "feel" that makes any rational sense, but our actions usually can be traced directly to our basic instincts of survival. We hunger for more, both in ways that are necessities to our success as… Continue

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