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Serving Virtue, Part Two

In part one I briefly introduced the idea that from Aristotelian logic and a few axioms we can derive a basic ethical framework, and the non-aggression principle.  Now I'd like to continue on these ideas a bit.

Because the current set of well defined virtues is so short one can use derivation to outline the ideals of a virtuous society. Like The Republic this is a thought experiment.…


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Serving Virtue

Theist apologists argue constantly that all morality comes from God. They say that an atheist cannot be moral or say that something is good because it is 'borrowing from their worldview'. I don't know who said it first but the one who seems to say it the most is Matt Slick.

I won't bother refuting his arguments, as they have already been destroyed most efficaciously by more competent thinkers.

Rather, what I would like to write a bit about is the idea that serving virtue is…


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Sam Harris on Ethics

I’ve read Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation and own both versions (hardback and paperback) as well as a paperback copy of The End of Faith long recommended to me by my second roommate. While I don’t share his enthusiasm or background in philosophy and neuroscience, I can agree in principle with the thoughts he espouses in this article,… Continue

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Pat Condell: Agressive Atheism

Pat just keeps getting better and better. His latest video really hangs religion out to dry. Below the video, I've also included the transcript.

Well, I’ve been hearing quite a lot of bitching and whining in the press lately about aggressive, intolerant, atheism; as if that’s, somehow, a bad thing. It seems religion can dish it out okay but it can’t take it: like a street thug who calls the police when his victims fight back. Aggressive atheism is really… Continue

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