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history lessons

you ever had to sit through a history lesson .on a rating of 1 to ten how boring was it .judging by the state of mine i'll say eleven .and can you imagine my fury when this hole painful proccess was made worse by being made to sit next to a thiest .he witters on and on about catholisism i mean fuck you i dont agree with you now bugger off.but no he must go on and on and on . i never asked him if hes been raped yet or not . hmm there are so many quetions in life

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going to church

u ever been dragged anywhere against ur own will ?no?well let me tell u its not very much fun .especially when the place ur being dragged to is church.i find its amazing that so many people waste 1 and a half hours singin songs about a fictional character .thats like my whole school spending lunch and break time singin about winnie the pooh.

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save me

the other day i was out sailing with my little brother and we were leaning over quite a lot .so rather understandably he was rather disturbed so what does he think he''ll do to fix ur bets . he prays .i almost threw him off the boat why the hell does he think he needs to do that .i had to explain to him there and then why he should stop but no he thinks hes in the right so hes still doing it .until this morning .i disposed of him .hehehehe if u no what i mean

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some things dont really make sense

the other day i was readin a book about religion to find out what else i could dis agree with and i found a map showing all the different wings (so to speak ) of religion i thought this is a good idea shows u what wrong things connect with other wrong things .so there i was reading the map and then i find islam so i read the wings of islam there it was the last one it was called shi'te see if u can see y me and my friend almost wet ourselves lookin at this coz i mean what kinda person calls a… Continue

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at the moment im making a project in rme in which im trying to prove that if jesus had existed he quite probably would have been homosexual.i mean ,a man that likes to be naked in fornt of 12 other men hmm .i dont know but if that happened these days you would have immediatly assumed they were all gay .

as far as i can see theism is a joke i mean how hard is it to write a book hmm?

i can do it

so why can't anyone else the fact is they can but because it was written long…


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