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Illogicality when theists say god bless to a victim.

Today poking around Youtube I stumbled upon a video topic: Jasenovac. A death camp in the Nazi puppet state of Croatia. I learned that the Vatican was a willing accomplice in the genocide of Yugoslavia's Orthodox Serbians, Jewish and Roma population from 1941 until 1945. The savage butchery carried out on 600,000 men, women and children made Auschwitz look like a country club.  This was less of an efficient death factory, it was up close and personal.  People were killed mostly by hand with… Continue

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A god and the god not God!



It's quite frustrating to read atheists writing and using the word god as a proper noun when it is a common noun.  We expect theists to use it as a proper noun because they assume that the deity is real and specific.


A common noun is something that does not need to be capitalized and is not specific, examples are truck, house, dog, or man, whereas a common noun needs to be capitalized and is very specific such as Ford, the White House, Bulldog, or…


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