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Imaginary Friends

Imaginary friends

Most of us know about imaginary friends, either we had one or have a child with one. As a parent it can be irritating and frustrating to have to feed or lay a table setting for someone who simply isn't there. The child blames the friend for his/her misdemeanours and congratulates them on a painting well done. We are usually told by professionals to just go with the flow as the child will grow out of it.

What are the benefits of imaginary friends? Someone who is… Continue

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Forested Landscapes of the Soul.

Forested Landscapes of the Soul.

When I look at a forested landscape I see perfection. I think of all landscapes as perfect, much of what makes up that landscape however is imperfect.

A fallen tree, A dead tree, A blackened tree hit by lightening, Rotting wood and leaves, Piles of fallen leaves, Broken branches, Fallen birds nests, A rotting carcass from a dead animal, A stagnant pool waiting for the coming rains, An ancient rock cracked in pieces, Leaves ravaged by… Continue

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Do you murder the good in your life? I tend to go through my world expecting things to turn out right. I expect the sun to shine on party days. I expect the service people in the shop to want to help me. I expect the flowers to be blooming enthusiastically. I expect you to find something to take away and think about each time I write. I have in short become an optimist.

I haven't always been. Recently in a late night chat I realised how easy it is to destroy the… Continue

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I am a Circus

I am a Circus.

It would seem that I am a circus.

I’m a big top,

rising proudly,

high and ostentatious with flags of victory.

Covering all the people



watching unnoticed from above,

and extending my borders,

always room for one more.

Now quiet, waiting, resting....

Now full, excited, action packed.

I’m the clown.

You are laughing,

but do you know if I’m happy or… Continue

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I want to be cremated when I die.

I want to be sprinkled at the source of a river.

I know a place high in the 'Berg.

The earth water breaks out on to a rock shelf.

It is immense.

The waters trickle and flow towards a ledge.

It looks like the end of the world, the view is awe inspiring.

Over the ledge the water goes falling endlessly, flying through the air.

One of the first thing I will do after I die is see that view

then… Continue

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About a christian life - positive and negative. A reply in the discussion about the mental health of aetheists.

I am doing a psych degree and have a great interest in the construction of world views. We all construct our own, religious or not. Love the post on personalsing everything. All gods are created in our own image and there are 6 billion of those. Likewise we all 'hear' the words of the gods through our own noise so there are also 6 billion versions of the religious text. How's that for debunking the idea of absolute truth!

I think your study would have to include the early development… Continue

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