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Death to an Atheist

In most mythologies or belief structures the main goal of its design is to assure the believer that they may physically die but that is not the end of them. There is a concept of a soul, a living soul that will never cease to be. All these beliefs systems take away fear of death and replace it with a feeling of anticipation and acceptance.

Many believers of such creative fancies believe that life, physical life, is a lesser existence, and that worldly… Continue

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How I help...

Our view, non-theism, is growing in popularity

For me, I help people become enlightened by talking with them. It's pretty much common knowledge that I am an Atheist, but when i talk to those on the fence about the issue, I like to pretend that I too am a bit on the fence. It lets my friend or family member know that I don't have all the answers and that they should definitely do their own research...but, from this starting point I begin a conversation...not a debate. People see… Continue

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Atheist Community Leaders

I want a community. I want to be a part of a physical place…almost like church minus the crazy…

I’m the only atheist I know save for one other person who refuses to let other’s know for fear of judgment…I get lonely sometimes. It’s not fair that there are so many monotheists out there. You can walk up to anybody on the street, any whore, any drug dealer, any mom, any student, and teacher, and police officer, and murderer and there is a good chance that person believes in some kind of… Continue

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Oh no, first blog anxiety. It feels too much like dipping a toe in dark waters. Will it be cold, warm or will something bite me?

Well, I'm going to try for a nice short and mellow first blog.

There is wonderful website called Dangerous Talk, http://dangeroustalk.net

It's ran by a man names Staks. It is a pretty great place to go for some interesting conversations and to bust religions balls...fun, fun.…


Added by Diana Graves on July 9, 2009 at 7:03am — 3 Comments

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