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Penn's Sunday School Radio Show/Podcast

Penn Jillette is starting a new radio show called Penn's Sunday School. Michael Goudeau will be joining Penn once again as the show's co-host (Goudeau was also the co-host on Penn's old show, Penn Radio). The first episode will air this Sunday (February 19th). It will be on Ustream ( live at 12:00pm (Pacific) and then be available for download as a podcast at 5pm (Pacific also). A…


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When No Means Kill?

Please give my newest blog post a read, and if you feel like it...let me know what you think.


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Atheists Getting Bullied?

The latest Penn Point is really great and a little personal for me. I had shared on Google+ and Facebook a story about my son receiving threats from classmates for being an atheist. Penn had some kind words for me then, and he mentions it towards the end of this video. It's not easy for everyone to "come out" as an atheist. Penn talking about it does make it easier. His radio show did that for me. He sells himself a little short here. He is a hero.…


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"Keep it to yourself"

I quick thought on keeping your opinions to yourself. I'm switching locations at work starting Monday (it happens a lot). Before I left yesterday, a co-worker I have become friends with came into my office and shut the door. EVERYONE knows I'm an atheist (I'm as "out" as I can be). During my time knowing her, she has asked me more questions about the "A" word than anyone I've ever met. I now understand why. She was raised Catholic and has been a "believer" her entire life. Ten…

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Clerical Error

I don't know how many of you watch "The Green Room with Paul Provenza" on Showtime. It's a discussion show about comedy. Many of the comedians are atheists, including Provenza. On one of the episodes he makes a great joke about the difference between Shiites and Sunnis being a "clerical error". Video provided below (it's at the end of the two minute clip):



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Too Stupid To Be An Atheist

For better or for worse, I have decided to attempt writing a book about my "journey" to atheism. In it I will try to dispel the notion that atheists are all either very smart or famous. I am neither. I'm just an average Joe (really). The title of the book comes from a comment made by John Safran on his television show, John Safran vs. God (circa 2004):

I admit there's some people smart enough to understand science and the Big Bang and all that stuff, and therefore have enough…


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God, No!!

My "review" of Penn Jillette's new book.

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What/Who/Why am I?

Please give my latest blog a read and let me know what you think:

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Penn & Teller: Fool Us


This isn't necessarily "atheist" related. But Penn & Teller are a big part of the atheist and skeptical communities so I wanted to share it anyway. (until I saw Bullshit on Showtime and then heard Penn's radio show, I did not know of any other atheists than me).  Their new show titled Penn & Teller: Fool Us is on in the UK only, so here in the states you have to search for clips on YouTube.  Here are a few that just kill…


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"Teach the Controversy"

Check out the great shirts at Teach the Controversy


Just one example:…


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The Pledge

Today being the celebration of our independence, I thought I'd share this clip of the original version of the Pledge of Allegiance:


As I'm sure all of you know, the original version did not include the "under god" portion. I myself stopped saying those two words in fifth grade, and it earned me a trip to the principals office (looking back on it, it's…


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Degrees of Creation

I was doing some typical web surfing the other day and I came across an article about Charles Darwin. It was one of those "This Day in History" type of articles. The date referenced was July 1, 1858 and the blurb read:

"1858: The Linnaean Society of London listens to the reading of a composite paper on how natural selection accounts for the… Continue

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