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An Extraordinary "Ordinary" Man

There was an interesting incident which occurred while my wife and I were en route to Kauai this past Saturday.  One of the flight attendants was on his last flight for United Air Lines … at age 84 and after 63 years of service!  This man – Ron Akana was his name – had started back in 1949, back when DC-6’s plied the skies and commercial jets were unheard…


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How Absurd Is That?

After several billion years of growth and development, a planet forms in one arm of a rather common galaxy.  A few billion years later, one particular form of life emerges on that planet, with the peculiar trait of being self-aware.  These beings are born, they live, they die, in a span of time which is the barest fraction of the time it took for this species to evolve to this point.  They form societies to protect themselves against a hostile environment.  Their curiosity leads them to take…


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Promoting Atheism - "It's the Marketing, Stupid!"

As atheists, it’s not generally in our nature to proselytize.  We get enough of that from the believers out there and, as we don’t care for the practice, we’re not much for doing unto others what they did to us.  Still, most of us I would suspect have a natural desire to see secularism and atheism advance in the face of the irrationality we too often see in our societies.  In 1992 when Bill Clinton was running for president, the catch-phrase of his campaign was: “It’s the economy, stupid!” …


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