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How numbers work

I started a mini-riot in San Diego today.  I was eating a banana outside of 7-11 and a cop walked past me to pick on a hobo for drinking a coffee. He was yelling at the homeless guy for loitering.  I was like "I'm loitering then".  I probably should have looked at my clothes first before saying that.  Old teeshirt, cargo pants and worn out sneakers.  Luckily a few more homeless people starting chiming in, so the cop walked off.  

This is very similar to how religion works.  If more…


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This is the most aggrivating thing about talking to christians.


Why is it, that when christians find themselves losing fundamental arguments, they begin maoning and complaining that my atheistic view is a personal attack on them? 


Just today I was called biased and close minded by a christian because I said evolution is real and that can be backed up by fact.  Really?  WOW! That made my monkey sad:(  

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The Atheist Experience

My daughter and I want to go see "The Atheist Experience" live in Austin, TX. I am a huge fan ans was wondering if anyone has been before?  Does anyone know anything about getting into the live studio audience or have any tips concerning the show and the after dinner?  

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What will kill God?

What is God if no more than early mans way of describing things in nature that he could not understand or explained any other way? I am sure that when our primitive ancestors looked at the perfect balance of nature and all of the stars in the heavens, he would have assumed that there had to be a creator. Even our early human ancestors had the ability to create things, so it is easy to believe that they would assume everything must be created by something.

Mankind has just…


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