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Origins of Nature--The Nature of Human Beings and the Question of their Ultimate Origin.

This will be a live Webcast from Oxford on Thursday at 4:00 pm (London Time). I am thinking about 8:00am est. 12:00pm Alaska Standard Time (Where I live)

The Participants:

The Archbishop of Canterbury

Sir Anthony Kenny

Professor Richard Dawkins

 Should be interesting. Go to the "Origins of Nature" website to find out more info. (You may also need a world time zone map.) Also look for…


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"No forgiveness for the desecrators of the Koran...only death."

Riots in Kabul over the burning of some books

Iran pushing it's luck with it's nuke program.

Warhawks in the US already sharpening swords.

Israel always praying for a reason to fight. (PS They have nukes)

The rest of the Middle East praying that Israel makes a move.

Putin (despite the wreck he made of the Russian economy...Except for the petro industry) solidly in charge of an always Ready -For- Action Military.

China gonna have to choose a…


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The "Test"

One of the things that bothers me the most is what I have termed The "Test".  Everybody here knows what the "Test"'s that moment during the conversation with a person or group of people who you are probably meeting for the first time when someone will inevitably say something along the lines of "Thank God for T.V....otherwise we would never know who Snookie REALLY is". (You can replace 'T.V.' with anything you like; the "Test" remains the same.) As all eyes turn towards you you…


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