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Smirking, many religious people seem to think that when we atheists get into trouble we'll cry out to God.  Really?  Recently, a big pain and all the symptoms hit me big time; I was having a heart attack.  The pain was horrible!  I couldn't even talk to 911.  Did I cry out to the imaginary God?  Did I say 'Oh God'?  No.  I said, 'Oh shit!"  I think that answers the theists!!!  What do you think?

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I live in an apartment building, and behold- the worst offenders where it comes to hatred and bigotry are those who profess to be "fine religious beings".  How appropriate!

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I'm not just an unbeliever, I detest religion!  Why?  It's not just that religion burned people as witches.  Religion CONTINUES to separate us as "gangs", feeding our gang mentality, promoting hatred and wars!  I guess you could say that I detest war, thus I detest religion.  There are other reasons to detest religion.  I will be interested in hearing others reasons.

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Do Something About Abuse

Treatment of victims (and abusers) falls far short!  There is a treatment for abusers, while there aere several kinds of abusers!  ...  1. A mean abuser is just mean due to religious beliefs, or for other reasons/excuses.  2. A pedophile sexually abuses because he is a "baby lover", good grief!  3. A sociopath lacks empathy/feeling, so he abuses.  4. Others (rare) suffer from MPD or other affective disorders due to earlier abuses...  A program for each kind of abuser should exist!!!  ... …


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The Religion Addiction

In my book, JUST-US FOR ALL, I described what I believe is a religion addiction most theists suffer from.  Just my opinion from what I've seen...  I described their obsessions.  I described how they need daily "fixes", and how those fixes often involve shoving it down others throats!  I described how teams of horses couldn't pull them away from their superstitions.  ...  It was pretty extensive; one has to read the book to get the entire drift.  (…


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My so-called dad was an extreme abuser!  I despised him as he abused mom, Sis and me, and after I'd cried out to God until I was blue in the face at 8 years old I finally got it through my thick head and I became an unbeliever!!!  Wow, I said it!  ...  So, how do you forgive a man like that?  I didn't!  I didn't have the namby-pamby forgiveness of the religious within me!  I'm a hard man, and if someone offends me severely, I don't easily forgive!  That's true to this day.  ...  So, I've…


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The religious would have us believe intelligent design...  I don't wish to convert anyone, but I'll state what I learned.  I raised & studied wolves & hybrids for 20 years.  Started with white Siberian Wolf and white G. Shepherd mix.  Recessive genes?  I gradually increased wolf % in hybrids.  A number of mutations * occurred!  A few, in nature, might have led to new, survivable kinds.  Others were degenerate.  It's too much to go into here.  My point is that it all appeared RANDOM! …


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