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Evolution: from fairy tales to the real life

I was baptized in Poland, when I was several months old. A very common souvenir from such ceremonies in Poland is a golden cross which the kid can (some years later) put on a golden chain and hang around the neck. I also got one. It is now somewhere in my wardrobe, not being used for last x (x=13?) years, waiting for... nothing.


I have just got an idea: I will go to a goldsmith and ask him to melt this cross into the Darwin fish.


Quite a symbolic operation,…


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Why I am here

I suppose that all (or almost all) of you know the following talk:


but I would like to send this one anyway. This talk made me (about a year or two ago) take the last step on my (long) way from being a devoted catholic to becoming a militant anti-theist. It took me about 15 years to get from the former to the latter.

Religion is for our minds what environmental pollutions are to the nature, we cannot tolerate its…


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