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Exploring Conspiracy: Persisting delusions of Mind-Control & Alien Abduction

This post is a follow up to an earlier article detailing some of my encounters and conversations with people who believe they have been abducted by aliens. Some who have followed previous writings of mine may find some informational redundancies but, while continuing my narrative, I also like each article to be able to stand…

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Among The Abducted: Report from ET abduction support sessions

his is the first report of my

experiences with individuals who feel that they have had personal

contact with extraterrestrials. More are forthcoming. Where

appropriate, names have been changed…

out-sized forehead, black almond-shaped eyes

out-sized forehead, black almond-shaped eyes

Laughlin, Nevada is the kind of place where vegetarianism is…


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Dr. Colin A. Ross: Psychiatry, the Supernatural, and Malpractice Most Foul

I wrote up this report regarding some very chilling accusations of malpractice against one Dr. Colin A. Ross. If you've heard of him at all, you probably know him as a recipient of the James Randi Educational Foundation Pigasus Award for his claim - unproven still - that he is capable of emitting detectable beams of energy from his eyes. Not only does the story of Colin Ross make a good argument for the case against supernaturalism, but you'll note in the interview that his aggrieved former… Continue

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Report from the S.M.A.R.T. Ritual Abuse/Mind-Control Conference 2009

This past weekend, August 15-16, skeptical journalist Douglas Mesner attended a conference for alleged victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Mind-Control in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. This is the first of his 2-part report:

The crude sales booth at the far end of the conference room marketing a more advanced species of tin-foil hat does nothing to allay the suspicion that this is to be a congregation of raving delusional paranoiacs. The hats - an aged, slightly hunched, and… Continue

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