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Advice for Pope Francis I

He'll never follow it but what the hell.  Background... the instant that I heard what his new name was going to be, I thought of the movie clip I reference below.

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In most matters (with one exception I will get to), here’s my advice, one moving picture worth a…


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You *know* it's the bible belt when...

I recently had occasion to be driving on I-40 from Oklahoma City (which, unlike Kansas City, is actually in the state of the same name) west to…


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Open Letter to Christians #3: Freedom From Religion? Yes.

[this is crossposted from my blog, here and I'd like to encourage people to poke around over there. OK, with that shameless self-promotion out of the way, here we go:]

Dear Christian,

Well, you’ve heard it said… and I imagine many of you have said it yourself, exasperated with some atheist complaint about prayer in school or a creche scene in front…


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