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READ IT. NOW. Happy holidays and all that!!!


I would love to break the article down for you all but i really can't, it has been a...laborious day.

And, yes, naturally, of course just as you would expect, the comments section is full of stupid ignorant theists ranting on about the…


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I get email.

And sometimes it is M#therf#cking hilarious!!!!!!!

so, i was on youtube and i came across an interesting video called:

"Why Richard Dawkins Doesn't Debate Creationists"

And i thought this video looked fun, i clicked the link ans waited for it too load.

while waiting i scrolled down the comments and guess what???

the whole thing was overrun by some massive IDoits.

one of these IDiots stuck out:… Continue

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How and when did you arrive at nontheism as your personal opinion?

I was brought up in a family of people who are by descent Catholic. My Father has both Catholic and Protestant ancestry from Ireland and my Mother had Catholic ancestry from Germany.

I don't know if my parents ever went to church regularly as children, or as adults, or even if they choose to get married in a church because they themselves were Christian.

However, Five weeks after i was born, nearly a year after my parents marriage, my mother died of Cancer.

I know from my dads own… Continue

Added by Fred Price on November 7, 2010 at 8:30am — 10 Comments

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