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Galileo, Neitzsche, Einsten and Hitler

I think the themes of this post are inspiration and cautionary tales, with a certain take on human nature.



He had the cahones to tell the Catholic church that they were wrong about the relationships between celestial bodies. Then they locked him up for the rest of life, when he compiled his most important work.



Identifying and expounding upon what they dared not speak at the time, God was dead. Freidrich posits both burden and…


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The Pennsylvania Atheist/ Humanist Convention 2014

Hello all,

I had a great time at the Pittsburgh DoubleTree Hotel tonight. I met a bunch of great people and had a lot of great conversations.

I met too many people to name them all, but I would like to mention that I got to meet Bill and Suzy. They produce a podcast called Bar Room Atheist which I will be checking out very soon. I spoke mostly with Bill. He used to be a sheriff (I think), and he also studied 'the' Bible to become a better Christian.

I exchanged…


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Recovering from Religion

I recently signed up to volunteer for 'Recovering from Religion.'

I had to furnish contact information for two individuals.

My perspective is that religion causes people to suffer in a variety of ways, and I'm trying to reduce that suffering.

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Asymetrical Warfare and Iraq

I think that some global understanding needs to be established or affirmed regarding asymmetrical warfare. Something useful may not be possible, but I thought it was at least worth discussion.

How does a recognized government face an enemy with no specified geographic boundary, no diplomatic capacity or public leader?

It is very easy to point to formal positions regarding 'unlawful combatants,' but I can't help but think that our current understandings are not really doing the…


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Sunday Assembly

I imagine that most on this site have already heard about, and already have opinions relating to Sunday Assembly.

I'm helping to launch Sunday Assembly in Pittsburgh, PA (USA). For my part, I'm really enjoying it.

It's one thing for atheists to gather and 1) agree that religion is BS, 2) enjoy meeting like-minded people and 3) recover from religious indoctrination. What I like is the regular sense of community that we are…


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Vow of Poverty

This article is about the lavish homes of American Arch-Bishops:

Not very consistent with the whole 'vow of poverty' thing.

Also, I'll bet few on this website are surprised :)

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Let's guess what Cardinal Law is doing right now...

As of this post, it is afternoon in the Vatican, so I'm going to guess that Cardinal Law is playing checkers with the Pope.

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How 'out' are you?

How 'out' are YOU?

As for me, I'm telling my parents I am a humanist. It's a gentle way I think to advance some understanding, and advance it in a positive way. Who can be assailed for being pro-human??

As for social media, I'm pretty 'out' on twitter (@andyhoke). I'm not 'out' on Facebook. I'm kind of 'out' on YouTube. I'm anything but 'out' on LinkedIn.

Lastly to the anonymous and nom de plume... I completely appreciate and welcome all of the considerate and…


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Are Christians afraid to discuss or think about Hell?

I suspect that the thought of eternal damnation is the psychological 'elephant in the room' for Christians. In my travels and discussions, Christians seem to be at their most evasive when questioned about Chez Lucifer, and they seem to never raise the subject.

They never discuss Hell, and I suspect the thought is really too traumatic for them to even entertain.


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The Sociology of Religion


What have (and would) famous sociologists have said and written about religion?

Religion should be evaluated from a sociological point of view, shouldn't it?

What is the impact of religion on our species?

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Does Sarah Palin hurt your seratonin?

Do you lose sleep thinking that she almost became Vice-President?

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Religion as Mental Disorder

Can belief in the absurd be considered a mental disorder?

To entertain belief in an imaginary friend is to dwell on the ficticious. While I feel that the human imagination is one of our best features, I also fear that societal forces and specific institutions have evolved into psychological enslavers, manipulating this aspect of our intelligence and our natural brain function.

Imagination is an amazing quality of the human spirit, and has brought us so much good by augmenting…


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Do Certain Usages of the English Language Foster Anthropomorphization of Plain old Reality?

I'm currently reading H.L. Mencken's The American Language. It just occurred to me that when the notion of gender is introduced as an adjective for a thing that is not a sexually reproducing creature, that thing gets a little bit anthropomorphized. Why don't we refer to God as "It?"


When you say that "he" or "she" did this or that in English, you are in fact subtly asserting that the subject or object of…


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Symbolism and Propaganda

This may seem like a bit of a 'reach' for you kind reader, but I just had a thought I will probably play around with for a while.

While we know that Constantine's Chi Rho Christian symbol was this:

The earliest cross symbol was a pagan one like this:…


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Jonathon Miller's Rough HIstory of Disbelief

I just watched all three hours of this on YouTube:


Anyone else ever watch this??




Added by Andrew Bradford Hoke on June 29, 2014 at 9:02pm — 8 Comments

Article - The Good Works of the Church?

On the “Good Works” of the Church

Andy Hoke

Religious discussions and debates seem to rage as much in 2014 as in any other time. Those arguing against religion are regularly stalled when asked to respond to…


Added by Andrew Bradford Hoke on June 29, 2014 at 12:59am — 4 Comments



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