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The Pennsylvania Atheist/ Humanist Convention 2014

Hello all,

I had a great time at the Pittsburgh DoubleTree Hotel tonight. I met a bunch of great people and had a lot of great conversations.

I met too many people to name them all, but I would like to mention that I got to meet Bill and Suzy. They produce a podcast called Bar Room Atheist which I will be checking out very soon. I spoke mostly with Bill. He used to be a sheriff (I think), and he also studied 'the' Bible to become a better Christian.

I exchanged…


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Recovering from Religion

I recently signed up to volunteer for 'Recovering from Religion.'

I had to furnish contact information for two individuals.

My perspective is that religion causes people to suffer in a variety of ways, and I'm trying to reduce that suffering.

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Asymetrical Warfare and Iraq

I think that some global understanding needs to be established or affirmed regarding asymmetrical warfare. Something useful may not be possible, but I thought it was at least worth discussion.

How does a recognized government face an enemy with no specified geographic boundary, no diplomatic capacity or public leader?

It is very easy to point to formal positions regarding 'unlawful combatants,' but I can't help but think that our current understandings are not really doing the…


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Sunday Assembly

I imagine that most on this site have already heard about, and already have opinions relating to Sunday Assembly.

I'm helping to launch Sunday Assembly in Pittsburgh, PA (USA). For my part, I'm really enjoying it.

It's one thing for atheists to gather and 1) agree that religion is BS, 2) enjoy meeting like-minded people and 3) recover from religious indoctrination. What I like is the regular sense of community that we are…


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Vow of Poverty

This article is about the lavish homes of American Arch-Bishops:

Not very consistent with the whole 'vow of poverty' thing.

Also, I'll bet few on this website are surprised :)

Added by Andrew Bradford Hoke on August 3, 2014 at 10:13am — 1 Comment

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