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God's Foreskin Fetish

It would appear as if the Bible has a strange obsession with foreskins. A really good example of this is between King Saul and David. Pretty much Saul got pissed off at David and tried to kill him off. The plan was to offer his daughter in exchange for foreskins. One hundred foreskins, what he was going to do with them I have no clue.

Now Saul’s daughter Michal loved David. Saul was told, and the thing pleased him. Saul thought, ‘Let me give her to him that she may be a…


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I'm On Facebook!

Well now I have an atheist account there. So if you use facebook feel free to add me heres a link to my page:

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Boy Scouts Are Bigots and Hypocrits

When I was younger, I used to be part of the Scouts. It was fun and I learned a lot of things about camping and all that. I of course said the Oath which had to do with duty to God. Actually God comes first before your country and yourself. That sounds like something a suicide bomber lives by, but I digress. I ended up quitting before I could be kicked out for being an atheist. This organization claims to teach things like respect, honor and morals. Yet they forbid any atheists, gays, lesbians,… Continue

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That's My Kind Of Atheist!

I am talking about none other than Penn Jillette. Many people have read his already famous article "There Is No God". It really is a great piece. I'm sure some of you might not have read it so here are a few good quotes from it:

I believe that there is no God. I'm beyond atheism. Atheism is not believing in God. Not believing in God is easy -- you can't prove a negative, so there's no work to do. You…

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Seth MacFarlane Is A Heathen Too!

I just read, and watched that Seth MacFarlane is in fact one of us. I had suspected it, I mean look at Family Guy loaded with religious jokes. I was never sure though. You can watch an interview of him with Bill Maher here:

And he has good things to say about the movement. When asked about it he says "Its about fucking time." I always thought he was a pretty smart fellow, but this is just furthers my belief about that. This isn't exactly the most recent news, but… Continue

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How to Boil A Toad

Slowly. You place the toad in water and increase the temperature at a rate the toad doesn't notice. You may be wondering why I am using this to start off a blog article. Its really just an analogy for the real topic. Censorship. Look at our television networks in America. We truly are one of the only free nations which such heavy censorship. If people are so offended its as simple as changing the channel. If you don't like me using words like motherfucker on my blog, you don't have to read it.… Continue

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Iowa Ads Meet Limited Success

I'm sure most have us have heard of the Iowa Freethinkers atheist bus ads. Its too bad they were just so damn offensive. The reaction that has been prompted would initially lead one to believe they crucified Jesus and laughed. Its not like we did a "Christian" ad. One of those would probably be full of how atheists are going to be damned by the God of Abraham. Instead here is the advertisement as it appeared on the buses:…


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Jesus is always the ass end of the joke

I can’t be the only one who thinks that these Christ-like images are slightly out of hand.

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Radio Show?

If I were to start a weekly radio type show on my blog(godlessblogger.com), would you listen/call in? I mean its not worth it unless I would have atleast one other person to talk to. Let me know. Also if you have any advice for my blog I would enjoy hearing from you!
Visit My Site

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Faith: My Conversation With A Devout Christian

Today, via AIM, I had a conversation with a very strong minded Christian. I was curious as to what exactly she believed so we had a discussion about evolution, natural selection, Horus and the like. I feel the need to post some of the more memorable responses. The best one:

corim1234: Okay. It just seems like anything I asked you, you just said you don’t believe in it. What kind of proof has God given you to believe in Him? Surely physical evidence like the hieroglyphs or fossils are… Continue

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If Its the Word Of "God" Why Do People Do the Talking?

Really though. If God truly did exist, and truly wanted all of us to be aware of his presence it would be pretty easy. I mean he is omnipotent right? Yet, the biggest crime one can commit in reference to the Bible is denying the existence of the Holy Spirit. Its the one surefire ticket straight to Hell. All God would have to do is show up again like in the good old days, perform a few miracles and I would be satisfied. But unless that happens I'll… Continue

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How does the idea of a “Catholic child” not make you sick? The child isn’t being given a choice whatsoever in their religion. Their parents have already made a decision for them before they can even make a good decision. Young children are very impressionable and you scare the shit out of them with fear of eternal damnation, that will stick with them. Indoctrinating children is easily equivalent to brainwashing. I think its truly a form of child abuse.

“Isn’t it enough to see that a… Continue

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