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Open Letter to the Pope


Wednesday 7 October 2015


Open Letter to Signor Jorge Maria Bergoglio

a.k.a. “Pope Francis”

The Truth, the Whole Truth about the Tuam…


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What is the Freethought?

An introduction to the French National Freethought organizationWhat is the Freethought?

(Fédération Nationale de Libre Pensée, FNLP)

Plunging its roots into Ancient Greece (Plato), through the Middle Ages (Villon), then…


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International Humanist News

International Humanist News

This section contains the full text of more than 17 years of International Humanist News,…

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Speaking Freely About Religion: Religious Freedom, Defamation and Blasphemy


Executive Summary Since 1999 several resolutions entitled “Combating Defamation of Religions” have been adopted by several United Nations bodies, including the UN…


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New global report on discrimination against the non-religious

IHEU%20Freedom%20of%20Thought%202012-1.pdfNew report highlights persecution of atheists

Blasphemy prosecutions rise with social media…


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Nacia Federacio de la Libera Penso (Francio)

«Pripensi la historion de Esperanto kaj de la liberpenso signifas reviziti la historion de la Liberpenso mem de pli ol jarcento. Sed ni interesiĝu al la ideo mem defendi lingvon kadre de batalo por emancipiĝo de la popoloj. Se ni rigardas la historion de la lingvoj laŭ arkeologia vidpunkto, ni vidas ke ekzistas tezo kiu koncernas la kreadon de lingvo…


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May you agree for an international language

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International Association of Free Thought

Foundation of the International Association of Free Thought

(at the initiative of the International Liaison Committee of Atheists and Freethinkers)


The 10th August 2011 in Oslo (Norway), 150 free-thinkers and atheists from 18 countries (Germany, England, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Spain, Finland, France,…


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The Freedom of Conscience Manifesto


Humankind was born free.

Nature has created neither titles, nor religions nor Churches, nor censorship or property.

Humankind has become itself when it came out of prehistory after a long struggle against the terrible ordeal of a planet which it did not know or understand.

Gradually freeing itself from restraints and fetters, including those fetters that Humankind has created for itself, Humankind has had to assert its rights for itself.

Human Rights are…


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