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PZ Myers and Tom Flynn featured at Anti-Superstition Bash on Friday the 13th!

All Atheist Nexus people are cordially invited to attend:

 The Freethought Society’s (FS) Anti-Superstition Bash will be held on Friday, May 13, 2011 from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM in the beautiful…


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Naturalism, another philosophy to consider

Are you a Naturalist? If you believe that existence encompasses everything, that there’s nothing supernatural, that our best knowledge is gleaned from scientific effort, then you very well may be a naturalist! The word derives from ‘nature’ and the definition is simple – “nature is all there is, and all basic truths are truths of nature”.…


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Ground Zero mosque - why not?

There’s a lot of argument going on about the plan to build a community center with a mosque near Ground Zero in NYC. First of all, it’s NEAR. Not AT. An important distinction – I would oppose building any singular religious center there as people from all faiths and no faiths at all died there. It is, by virtue of what happened there, a most solemn…


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Why Everybody draw Mohammed Day is important

In solidarity against death threats made to artists who have drawn an image of an Arab man and called it Mohammed, a group on Facebook was created called “Everybody

Draw Mohammed Day
”. What started as a little idea, has grown into a

huge event, with coverage on major networks such as CNN and MSNBC.

At first, I was against the idea for a couple of reasons……


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California church 'tweets' candidate to victory, but AU goes after them with the IRS!

In a story released today by Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, Oasis Church, a huge mega-church in Los Angeles, posted a statement on their website noting that a church official was seeking re-election. Alex Jones-Moreno, already on the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood City Council was…


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Still counted after all these years

Do the Catholics still own you? Don't let them use you as a blank body...


Did you know that if you’re an atheist, agnostic or general non-theist, or even a practicing theist who has changed religions – if you were baptized in the Catholic Church you are still counted among their flock.…


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Creationist Kent Hovind's PhD thesis is a jumble of juvenile jabber

For those who blessedly don’t know, Kent Kovind Hovind is a leading voice in the young-earth creationist movement and the builder of the Dinosaur Adventure Land Creationist Theme Park in Pensacola. Where you can ride 'the Leap of Faith' swing. Well, after they reopen, which will be once they get enough money to pay the taxes they 'forgot' to pay.…


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The Exorcist is alive and raging in Australia

This morning I saw Hemant Mehta’s blog about an atypical recent exorcism in Australia.

In this particular case, a ‘foreign’ priest had the parents of a mentally and

physically handicapped child place her on the altar while he then

behaved so bizarrely that both the child, her parents and much of the

congregation was…


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Bible Prophecy man tells me "I want nothing to do with you; but first..."

I’m amazed and delighted at the many replies my column “Sick and tired of God-Stuff “ received. While I don’t want to gloss over the wonderful and much appreciated compliments from other non-believers, I found the replies from theists to be downright eye-opening in some cases.

One prolific writer, Mr. BPE,…


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Sick and tired of god-stuff - an open letter to theists

First of all, I am an atheist. Most likely one of the most adamant atheists you’ll ever meet. Let’s talk about why, and what it is that’s got me completely fed up with a good… Continue

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Neanderthal genome - our redheaded, muscle-bound siblings live on within us

Fascinating discoveries recently shed new light on the Neanderthal – researchers have sequenced the Neanderthal genome – we now know exactly what differs and… Continue

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Mother's day reminisces from a Freethought Mom

Now that my children are ‘emancipated’ - my baby turned 21 this year - I’ve been thinking back over the years, musing about my motherhood experiences.

I started late and had no real mother role model, so I had to learn the ropes as I went along. Luckily my daughter was born an adult, and remained an adult until 14, when she transformed into the evil teen from hell – for exactly 2 yrs – at which

time she returned to her more customary state of perfection. (Well, except… Continue

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Rekers exposed - another crusader for morality goes down

While there’s no dearth of people in all walks of life who end up disappointing those who look up to them, it does seem that extremist Christian Crusaders win the Public Fall from Grace Award with extraordinary… Continue

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One nation, indivisible?

The next meeting of the Bucks County Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church & State will be held Tuesday, June 1, 7:00 pm, at the Doylestown Library located at 150 S. Pine… Continue

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School Shock - stun guns make Johnny be good

This morning I came across a profoundly disturbing report about one school for disabled and/or disturbed children with severe behavior problems – sometimes self-mutilating, often seriously difficult to…

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Times Square bomber arrested in dramatic plane recall

In an arrest which was a pure movie-script high-tension last-second drama, the Department of Homeland Security had airport officials call Emirates flight 202, headed for… Continue

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Atheist humor - Sunday Light in Philadelphia

View some atheist cartoons! (This one's just for Atheist Nexus, it's not in the Examiner article... )…


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