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What is an Atheist

An Atheist is someone who lacks a belief in a god or gods. The critical characteristic is belief. Anyone who does not have an affirmative belief in at least one god is an Atheist. Beliefs are a result of knowledge, experience and feelings. While beliefs can change, they are not the result of a willful process. One either has a belief or doesn't. One cannot decide whether or not to have a belief. Faith is a belief maintained without supporting evidence or in the face of controverting…


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Questions for Atheists

The video, Islam - the True Message of God, poses questions for other religious points of view.  The questions for Atheists are:

  • Who created you?
  • Who made you from nothing?
  • Why are you created?
  • So, you are born then you die and become forgotten, do you like to live in such a state?

The video also makes the statement, “Every human has to believe in some power to…


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What I believe as an atheist

  • My beliefs are based on the best available evidence, logic and reason.  I care more about the truth than being satisfied and not being anxious.  A scientific theory is a framework of well supported facts which have been tested, not mere conjecture.  Faith is the acceptance of a conclusion without evidence.  I have no faith.  Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence to be believed and it is the responsibility of those who make a claim to provide the evidence for the claim.…

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