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Building a Mosque at Ground Zero

I am atheist from a Muslim community, and living in a Muslim community and country too, I would say that building a mosque in general anywhere is evil, and in a particular place is the evilest, because mosque is not only for worshiping as some people guess, and like other worship's houses of other faiths, it is a headquarter or a kitchen for cooking so many decayed meals against humanity or humanists, freedom; personal or general freedoms, against those who live in America and don’t follow the… Continue

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Islamists Dreams

Mohammed has given his Islamist (slaves of Allah) false impression and deluded them that they are the best nation in the world, and they are the only people who will go heaven, any people else will go Hell in the life after according to his allegation. As a result, they suffer from megalomaniac , they have a conception that they are the only nation in the world who will go heaven and they are the most prefered nation in the world according to their Allah’s promise and description in Quran that… Continue

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Reason speaks

Everything has a beginning and inevitably has an end. Whatever we let our imagination run back millions and millions of years, it is inevitably there is a beginning of the formation of anything. If there is no beginning of anything, that means, that thing is not exist, or it is unavailable or it is illusion. That speech corresponds or fits (God). When was he formed or created? And where? Before the creation! If there is no time or place of his formation or creation, that means…


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