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The Second Sitting For The Last Supper

Embedding has been disabled on this vid so I'm posting it as a blog ....enjoy -Lee

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Sovereign State of Mind

This is NOT a Christian Nation, neither is it a Muslim Nation nor a Jewish State. It is a REPUBLIC. And furthermore, just because one does not believe in a deity does NOT make one a Communist. I will neither pledge my allegiance to YOURS nor ANYONE elses deity of choice. For I hold supreme sovereignty over my mind and fate. Do with yours whate'er ye will. -Lee

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Hannity's Hoaxes

Debbie Schlussel

March 18, 2010, - 5:46 am…


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Passive-Aggressive-Styled Censorship

These are The Top 50 Topics listed on FaceBook's NetworkedBlogs, from which the public can choose:

Top 50 Topics




















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I Apologise For Posting Wrong Information On The Bhopal Incident

I referred to Dupont when it was actually Union Carbide. I apologise for not double-checking my comment for errors. I am truly disappointed in myself for not keeping the facts straight. The truth of the matter is as follows, according to Wikipedia:

Bhopal disaster

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Bhopal disaster was an…


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Church Pews In Court

I am SO glad to have renounced my faith! -Lee

Olive Branch Man Says Church Pews in Court are Illegal

Reported by: Joyce Peterson


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Thank Science, Not God!

First pictures reveal success of life-saving surgery on toddler with eight limbs...(thank the wonders of science and reason! -Lee)

Last updated at 14:58 09 November 2007


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United States of America, land of the free; unless you're a nonbeliever of god, THEIR god!

Texas Constitution: Atheists Need Not other words, "it's Yahweh or the highway" -Lee

Updated: Tuesday, 09 Feb 2010, 9:57 PM CST

Published : Tuesday, 09 Feb 2010, 9:43 PM CST


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63 Die, Dozens Injured in Indian Temple Stampede

Exerpt from news article:

"How could this happen in such a holy place?" cried Phool Chand Saroj, a 48-year-old farmer whose wife, daughter and grandmother were killed in the stampede.


Could it be because there is no such thing as 'a holy place'? I mean, what's it tell you when the Catholic 'poobahs' release a statement such as; According to…


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California Love Story

A man was lying in bed with his new girlfriend.

After having great sex ... She spent the next

hour just rubbing his testicles ...…


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Heresy Quote

“Heresy is the eternal dawn, the morning star, the glittering herald of the day. … It is the perpetual New World, the unknown sea, toward which the brave all sail. It is the eternal horizon of progress. …Heresy is a cradle; orthodoxy, a coffin.”Robert Green Ingersoll

I love the smell of heresy in the mornin', it reminds me of................FREEDOM!; freedom to think, to read, to write, and to act

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