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A Story about Albert Camus: In response to "Accomodationism just muddy [sic] the waters"

Note: I am writing a devil's advocate position in defense of positions that do not hold the party line.

During the 50s, Albert Camus, my favorite philosopher, lost many of his friends because of his silence on the Algerian war, his movement for 'civil truce' and his criticism of communism.

Camus felt that if he himself became outspoken like his former friends Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beavoir that tensions in Algeria might increase and thus further endanger the lives… Continue

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On the Possibility of God's existence and reflections on Christian Narratives

Rather than making up numbers and having a debate over Pascal's wager, I just say that something should not even be put on the table as possible if there is no evidence of its possibility.

This is a arguable but important methodical principle, in my honest opinion.Being wrong is not inconsistent with induction to the best explanation. The nice thing about science is that even if the theories and methods are improved, the main principle is that it is based of the conditions of… Continue

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