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Dating when you're over 40, divorced, atheist, angry at religion, with baggage

I'm looking for some input here.


As you can tell from previous posts, over the last year I've been divorcing my increasingly fundamentalist wife who was homeschooling my two children and unintentionally sabotaging their chances at a normal childhood/adulthood. I've been married for 17+ years, since my (very) early 20s. It wasn't a great marriage. It was ok. At first. Theologically neither of us were very passionate in the beginning. As I think on my past more I realize I…


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We are a Christian Nation

I'll bet that got your attention. It's just a random thought that occurred to me today. Sometimes I try to imagine how I want events to go well in advance, and I was thinking about the next divorce hearing. It occurred to me that the facts fall out as follows:

  • I filed for divorce in order to protect my children from my wife's newfound fundamentalism. 
  • My wife now has my house, my children, no job, and roughly half my salary.
  • I have an assload of debt,…

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Well, it's progress

My son tried a couple of lines he heard from (I'm assuming) Ken Ham on me today, I'm hoping my responses get him thinking. 


Line #1) I saw a video where Richard Dawkins (he couldn't remember the name at first) couldn't answer a question.

Response 1-a) I know the video you're talking about and that's not what happened. It was taken out of context and as I recall he didn't realize somebody was asking a question.  That's been debunked. 

Response 1-b) Even if the…


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How to donate to help in Japan for non-believers

I found this link today and promptly donated.  From Richard Dawkins Foundation: http://bit.ly/4GiIWP

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This is what my wife believes

And she can't understand why I'm trying to protect the kids from her.





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I'm a little tired of God getting all the credit.

This is just a rant.  But it was brought into the front of my mind by something I saw recently.  It was "Letters to Santa" at the post office, and they were reading letters of some of those in need. It was heart wrenching, and one story in particular stuck in my mind.  It was a man, former military, unemployed, and struggling to feed his kids.  He talked about how he was scrapping for any small job he could take to make a little money, and then he thanked God for keeping his children…


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The crazy keeps on coming...

I find myself in the odd position of being the one in the house defending Christmas. A little background first.

My wife is a fundamentalist Seventh Day Adventist, or more accurately they seem to be some branch of the Seventh Day Adventists. My wife joined another fundamentalist church known as the ICOC about 10 years ago. This turned out to be a cult and they managed to indoctrinate me as well. While it was a truly alarming experience to go through, I think the net result was good. I… Continue

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