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Bill Maher, The Oscars......anyone?

I’m surprised I haven’t seen any comments here about Bill’s godless 2 cents at the Oscars. It was great, except for the silence that fell on the crowd after his shout out, aside from a few crickets chirping in the distance. Even liberal Hollywood, who cheered for the Milk acceptance speeches and the anti-prop 8 statements, didn’t seem to back Bill’s jokes. How come when the religious demonize homosexuals it starts a heated debate, but when someone calls out religion, everybody clams up and… Continue

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I suffer from a chronic sinus condition. I have had it since childhood and have just learned to live with it, to the point where I hardly notice. My nose is always stuffed, not due to any allergy per se, but I think it may call for some sort of surgical procedure. I know I should look into it, but money seems to be the problem and the current state of our health care system is…..blah, blah.....not the point of this blog…..

Here’s the real issue:

I work around many people… Continue

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a little rant about something on my mind

I was helping my friend with a video art project this last weekend. She had been tediously planning this for weeks and had spent much time, money and effort preparing. For this shoot, we rented some gear from a local production house here in LA- a camera, monitor, lights and the various cords that connect everything- the works. During set up of all this gear, my friend could not seem to find an essential cord. She started panicking and appeared to be approaching tears while looking for the… Continue

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