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Book Recommendation: "Heathen's Guide to World Religions"

Got back from my trip, and am almost done with the D'Souza book (I've got a whole bunch of pages scribbled down to come back to, egads, that is painful.) Anyway as a break from that I started "The Heathen's Guide to World Religions" by William Hopper. It's really good, funny and entertaining but at the same time quite informative with lots of history. (I've read about the Jews, Xians, and am now up to the Moslems. After that come the Hindus and Buddhists.)

A couple of… Continue

Added by Moonbeam on March 14, 2009 at 12:59pm — 3 Comments

Gone for a week..

but I'll try to check in. And I'll try to have that D'Souza book read and my comments in order when I get back! I got busy and it's taking me longer than I thought it would.

TTYL. Taking the laptop, so I should be in occasionally.

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It takes religion to make good people do bad things.

I have an Aunt who I love dearly and who is one of the most kind, caring people I have ever met. She does not have much money, but she gives to charity and loves animals, and has spent a huge amount of her time and energy caring for those that need her. She suffers more emotionally from seeing others' pain than almost anybody else I've ever known. She has cried over cruelty and injustice that she can do nothing about.

She believes in "god", I'm not really sure if it's as a being, or… Continue

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A sheeple advises me that Dawkins and Harris are biased--recommends that I read D'Souza.

Little discussion today at work; we've been through it before. He has actually read Dawkins and Harris (and remains unwavering in his faith, definite proof of his irrationality), and he recommended this book to me, saying I should read it to get an less "biased" viewpoint:

"What's so Great about Christianity" by Dinesh D'Souza.

Description from Amazon: Is it reasonable to have faith in God? Can intelligent, educated people really believe what the Bible says? Or do the… Continue

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Just got done watching "Religulous"

Wow, that was great! It should be required viewing for everybody in the world.

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Ugh, keeping my mouth shut.

So my friend's mother dies, not unexpectedly, at an advanced age. He sends us all an e-mail, asking us to pray for his father, if we can.

Must...not...reply..."So if we pray, your god will decide not to make a poor old man more miserable than he already is, or put happy thoughts in his head, or what?!"

Not a good time to bring it up. I couldn't resist the other day, however; same group of people, one of them said a doctor was discussing his mother's cancer, and he (the… Continue

Added by Moonbeam on February 17, 2009 at 9:00pm — 10 Comments

Vaguely formed idea

I want to memorize bible verses and quote them to people who annoy me with their religion, in a way that makes them realize what they are saying or doing goes against the bible, or to pretend to agree with something they are complaining about and that any sane person would think is bad, yet is supported by the bible. It should be easy to do, since there are so many contradictory things in the bible, and so many times when horrible things are said to be good, so I imagine there is a verse for… Continue

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Sometimes it's so easy

Theists or religion manage to annoy me almost every day of my life, but every once in a while it doesn't seem so hopeless. I remember one day in particular...

A guy at work confronted me: "Are you an atheist?!" This was with the same incredulousness with which had once asked me, "You don't like football!?" Exactly same expression and tone of voice--shock and amazement and horror.

I told him yes. He asked me why. I said, "Well, you don't believe in Thor or Zeus or Isis or… Continue

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Ongoing Annoyance #2

Crucifixes. I work in a catholic hospital so I am exposed to them more than I'd like to be (but not as much as you'd think; they've toned it down some). They are quite repulsive and disgusting. Is that a nice thing to see in a hospital? No, it's not. You'd think the reminder of the whole human sacrifice thing that their god used to be into before he got nicer would make them think about it a little. If other violent images of torture and death were hung around the place, I don't think people… Continue

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Another Recent Discussion with an Irrational Person

This was posted in response to a journal entry I made on another forum:

"FWIW IMO I believe that one day the championing of scientific knowledge will implode when its limitations are reluctantly acknowledged. Nobody has yet been able to prove that science will explain everything any more than they have any other epistemology. I predict a new age of enlightenment which goes something along the lines of "...use whatever theory works best for you, no matter what others might tell you".… Continue

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Ongoing Annoyance #1

A person at work who thanks god several times a day for every little thing.

"I found my pen that I thought was lost." --God was looking out for you!

"They have sweet potato fries today in the cafeteria." --God is good!

"I got a really good parking spot." --God takes care of us!

"The memo says no raises this year." --

I've never heard her blame god for one tiny, little thing that goes wrong, much less all… Continue

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Usual Sunday Morning Argument

Talked to my Dad, a rare ex-atheist, now Xian (long story, basically lots of psych problems, decided to try spirituality to see if that might help, conscious choice of Xianity because it's the big one to be around here, followed by much self-delusion, years of wasted time studying the bible, and many arguments.)

Dad: You know, in my relationship with God...

Me: Dad, God doesn't exist, I don't want to hear about it. (Sound mean, but I know it's the prelude to an argument I'm… Continue

Added by Moonbeam on February 1, 2009 at 10:52am — 11 Comments

Liking this place already.

Took me long enough to find a place like this to hang out! Maybe I can stop arguing for a while now.

I think I'll be able to spend a lot of time reading and learning here. :-) Thanks to whoever makes it possible.

Added by Moonbeam on January 31, 2009 at 5:06pm — 6 Comments



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