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Criticism, where it is due, still has limits.

I often see people pointing out something that an atheist said wrong.  It is good that they are being corrected.  However there are some similar situations in which the atheist was doing the right thing, and I wanted to explore that.  [I’ll only be talking about criticisms of religion that are valid to someone’s actual beliefs, and some that just need to be…


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I think religion is a problem, not just "people".

[This was in a response to someone who posted something about "religion is not the problem, people are."]

I would first like to thank you for doing your part to try to correct some of the ignorance of the general population.  You pointed out some errors that people make with their reasoning.  That was great.

I was wondering if we could agree about a few…


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Cognitive Dissonace Collateral Damage.

If a skeptic or scientific point of view states that these beliefs are not warranted (or that they must be verified) then the believer may push away from skepticism and science to maintain belief.

This is an unnessecary and dangerous tension between this person and the vital tools of science and skepticism.  Placing importance on these beliefs held without reason has done its damage.

This is a…


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Being taught to accept the supernatural without it being verified.


This is an assault on reason and skepticism.  Faiths flourish because of this, a massive underplay of the importance of skepticism.  This underplay has an impact on the reasoning ability of the general population.  (This is like being against vaccines, there would be more sickness.  With this “believe what we tell you about the supernatural” stuff, the kids skeptical immunity system is left confused and weak)

As a consequence of this assault, people do not…


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Dealing with religious backlash to criticism.

There is someone on my tumblr who is an atheist scientist student.  She posted something along the lines of "religion is not the problem, people are" and went on and on, in what looked like a defense of religion.

I thought this needed to be sorted out.  I don't want criticism of religion to be so easily dismissed.  So I decided that people who criticise religion…


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I suppose this is old news to all of you...

A bunch of people spammed me, and others on facebook, with teh Kony video…

I messaged each one of these people individually with stuff like:



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New toy: littleBits.

Check out the littleBits!

Buyable here…

Hmm, what if they added panels to the top and/or bottom that were for building legos on?

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When Agreement Interrupts.

It seems inevitable. Discussion in a large group about the obvious falsity of certain beliefs brings forth someone to say “I'm not one of the people who believes that.”

Aside from my gut reaction (“then what the hell are you doing interrupting our fight against those people listening that DO have this delusion?”) I think I'd like to know all the groups, categories, and populations of beliefs. Actually I'd like to have these categories and my gut…


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