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Amazing documentary 'Private Violence' _Sundance_DemocracyNow...

wow! indeed the byproduct*s of... culture? System? gov!? traditions?

impressive do share:

From the DN url found this:…


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Great tune...

8. The Age Of The Atheist (by Sepultura 2013

What do you see depends of what you are looking for and what are you looking for, needs to be believed.

It needs to exist in your head, you need to believe to disbelief.

What do you see depends on the idea planted in your mind, what type of seeds have been planted?

What do you believe depends on what you see!

Diversions are blocking our…


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Alternet dot org: "..flocking to secular/atheist places of worship (wait worship wagh!?.. science baby!

~ btw Sepultura's latest "Age of the Atheist" track (@ soundcloud com/app


90's trash? or actually 80's
mixed with neo-metal efx.. kind of hard rock heavy metal band
wow enjoy

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Behold.. F'ing Hell... the beer that is..

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10 Weirdest Fundamentalist Christian Conspiracy Theories

Darwin's death bed!?!?... if he'd died in modern era surely it'd be a message in the form of a middle finger to the fascist states... of theocracies...

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Nice! American Atheists looking for these!

If anyone has good photos from Starke, Fl during the monument event our magazine staff is looking for photo submissions. Send the photos to Rick Wingrove (

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What money has any cult symbols or god stuff on it? internationally would be of interest...

like 'we gotta keep our sky daddy's icon label on the money... ha
keep these people in line with our demands as gods ourselves.. megh.. pffffft

cool article. 'shirts... don't need em. don't make life 'possible

many women like to rip them off.. ynot
hot as heck in s.florida get sun burnt but inside take that cover off

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happen to do diff religion in Nigeria.. even if fam. yer dead; behead:

Nope.. perhaps never.. ~

this happens via class war all the time in USA imho freaks

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#GU !!! 2013 n' beyond!!!

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Big weekend for USA and world considering... Atheist monument going up...

Will Sexton, an attorney for the county, explained that neither the religious monument nor the atheist display implies that the county is either establishing a religion or denying one. In fact, he noted,…


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