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They 'tried' with 'bible versus' to save Rudy Eugene, 31, in Miami.. obvious fail yet again.

So yet another victim from the non-mental health funding republicans all the way back to Regan. He knew there'd be this crap happening what with PCP, LSD, whatever pills, angel dust.. coke.. (all man made like god and all fail people)

I wonder now about the validity…


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Why do catholics allow their culture to be so ... fubar?

And the hating of America.. not so good.

I noticed that woman talking with a couple of priests or whatever level of crazy their at; they were pushing conspiracy theories like chemtrails and complaining about celphones/apps.. serious

they hate everything.. it's like another form of islam in catholischizm nowdays..



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Well.. as the world turns.. for some.. in-the-know of logic and reason (past present)

like that vague title? ; )

here goes

from book 'the meaning of communism by miller and bancroft.. i hav the 'i think' original from 1968 hardcover.. wild illustrations etc..

aaand some funny stuff in email...…


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Few spits on how/why the rightwing (in FL USA) hates communities...

Why do the neo-capitalist (not so free world) right wingers and their imported corporations hate communities of the USA? Oh my bad, they're not profitable and the legalized gay marriage and ganja is waaaay to non-fundy xtian/muslim and or jeudeo? ~ ; P

And that crap that makes you crap would lose steam... meaning the lame über corporations feeding people garbage foods and drinks.

It's all coming to a head folks! They don't profit…

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Loves Ron Paul...He's also Christian gay donor to GOProud, a gay conservative group based in Washington, D.C.

whaaat? da fughhhhg... ?

had no idea, thanks NPR for showin' me the lie... i mean light~


"Whether we look at transportation, energy, commodity production, food production, agro-tech, nanotechnology — that with the exception of computers, we've had tremendous…


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Michael Spry... American Atheist May 2010 issue. very very good.

i was serachin' goog and found this too

but this is a great man imho:

"A continuum of communication or atheists in the culture wars: Who's right?"
May 2010 issue of American Atheists journal

i gotta get the digital version or make my own it's top notch!

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How offensive is the word 'lunatic'?

Two US senators have proposed to excise the word "lunatic" from federal law, calling it outdated and offensive. What are the word's origins and why is it so offensive?

The word "lunatic" has been codified into US law so long it has outlasted its currency in the psychiatric profession.

Many experts say they are…


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