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Complexity PSA

Not everyone needs or ever will need a sky daddy (or half the corrosive crap corporations try to cram on ya; that's another story); it's that simple. So look out when someone or something tries to make your life more complex than humanly possible. ~?

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NYC hardcore punk rock lyrics (and yutube) Sick Of It All: Give Respect

Give respect, get it back

My solid promise to this private pact

To this honored oath I pledged

Never to push you over the edge

Straight edge or not don't matter to me

You can be what you want to be

In your actions give me proof

What's inside, the real truth

But pure is what you're when you're born

Be positive of what you're gonna be

Hard is this life that we're thrown into

Stick it out, like my brothers and me

Extend your hand, call… Continue

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Skateboards in Afgahnistan; right wingers must hate that...

now wonder they hate pbs and npr

folks might actually learn something new...

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Regards to my final answer on alias within the atheist nexus sphere:::::::; ; ; ;; ; . .

How about that professional atheist American?

He's so hated. Debated and segregated. (depending on the situation)

segregate 1 |ˈsegriˌgāt|

verb [ trans. ] (usu. be segregated)

set apart from the rest or from each other; isolate or divide : handicapped people should not be segregated from the rest of society.

• separate or divide (people, activities, or institutions) along racial, sexual, or religious lines : blacks were segregated in churches, schools, and…


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When it rains sometimes people snoar; when a judge is in the mix you get flooded

Justice Clarence Thomas Under Fire for Ties to Real Estate Magnate

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is coming under increased scrutiny after the New York Times revealed new details about his close ties to Dallas real estate magnate Harlan Crow, a prominent Republican millionaire. A company controlled by Crow is bankrolling Thomas’s pet…


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National • Atheist • Party 2011

Okay, I'll bite:

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Browsing atheist singles sites and came up with irony.

vague about us much?

So I peered through "netsol whois"

irony surfaced:

Registrant Contact:

DomainClub Privacy Service

5722 South Flamingo Road, Suite 246

Cooper City, FL 33330

Technical Contact:

DomainClub Privacy Service

5722 South Flamingo Road, Suite…

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Regards to the secular gov just elected "by far" in Turkey.

I'm suddenly in love with SECULAR Turkish women! Oh man... Islam is freakin' about the new leadership in Turkey which ironically shares the same logo of FLASH in FLorida. Go figure.

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PSYOP DOT CONNE©TIONs: Don't ya hate on wasting time over talking about what a dummy with money is screwing up?

Look at it this way; type in "palin email christian faith" on goog news and notice a... anyhow

look at the über white guy (and 'black? REALLY? tea party types) named ________ trying to grip the USA into hitler throwback palm

look how that echo of 1965 aka American Ahteists of Madalyn OHair's vision is still alive and well

well, lets read a book shall we? it talks of taxation; representation; fraud and loopholes

it's called "Atheist Heros and Heroines" by Madalyn…


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Corporate Theocracy: The Death Of Democracy, The State By State GOP Extremist Goal

hey I'm just preaching (or teaching a few folks key points) in regards to the bs mantras out there:


The State By State GOP Plan To Destroy Democracy

State by state, the GOP is working at a fever pitch to kill democracy in America. The GOP will replace democracy… Continue

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Canadian Activist Loses Senate Page Position over Unprecedented Protest



In Canada, a Senate page has lost her job after staging a controversial demonstration on the floor of the governing body. Brigette DePape, 21, staged an unprecedented protest by walking onto the Senate floor Friday carrying a sign that read, “Stop Harper,” referencing Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Following her removal from her job, DePape called for a Canadian version of the Arab Spring movement that has swept through the Middle East and North…


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