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9/11 rage death row inmate executed

Stroman blamed the shootings on the loss of a sister in the collapse of one of the World Trade Center towers — although prosecutors said in court documents there's no firm evidence she ever existed.

"I wanted those Arabs to feel the same sense of vulnerability and uncertainty on American soil much like the mindset of chaos…


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Wow, Mr. Land from SBC mentioned 'atheists' suing over prayer day in TX...

CSPAN today was so ironic; debating of Social Security bled into the conversation of 'roll of religion (none) in government'
Wow, what a scam x 1000000000000000.... I dig the rivals that called; and his homies that sounded so lame and played out on the phone calls...

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American Atheists Inc.'s journal just rocked my mail box. Printed, not email.

Wow. Bad ass, can't wait to see reason rally

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Dangerous cult...

Spotlight Link TV slighn'tolgee... crazy stuff

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What cau$es a GA rep to stoop so low? Is he a hostage himself?

U.S. Rep. Paul Broun (R-Athens), who delivered the invocation, warned about the future of the U.S.

"We're standing on the precipice, staring down in the deep chasm of socialism and total government control," Broun said. [...]

There are those who wish to destroy the U.S., Broun said, citing…


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fragmented sections...

shame there's such a fragmentation of family life; I guess worldwide with the www... it's especially tough when you've been well read on the reasons things in the gov/world go bad or wasted.. due to some doctrine or another; aside from just living and striving to do good... cracks me up that people are so easily trusting of x y or z... catholics role deep in Mexico look what happened there. Xtian orthodx runs Russia; no blacks or gays allowed there. Israel is said to be looking more like… Continue

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Obmama admin reverses condolence letters to relatives of soldiers that took their own lives...

What does the Obama admin change in condolence letters to relatives of troops/soldiers that took their own lives? It was the right thing to do I think. Bush could care less.

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In regards to Florida legislature skimming the cream...

Waste, sky daddy fraud and abuse; you betcha! Funded by Bush n. Co. all the way to offshore accounts; no doubt! Fail.

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