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My new fav website... to browse.. thanks BBC!

All from a codfish story form the northern sea.. something about bad scientific method with cod count at 100 in report rather than 1,000,000

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Brazil arrests google exec over .. Islam!? wow. fubar. fail on that Catholic run empire down there.. pfffft

great comment within URL

"Typical. Those who enjoy freedom of speech are suddenly willing to give it up. If you can be arrested for this, a fictional movie, what next? Are you prepared to be arrested for a movie against Christians? Oh, did you forget The Last Temptation of…


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Up to $1 Million cash for the goods on Romney! - Larry Flynt

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Glen Doherty, Dedicated MRFF Advisory Board Member and former Navy SEAL, Killed in Libya Consulate Attack

In memory w/respect:

Ex-SEAL, online gaming maven among Benghazi dead

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Selected Article Excerpts:

Details began to emerge Thursday about some of the three Americans who died in the U.S. consulate in Benghazi with Ambassador Chris…


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If Obama can't handle this throwback to the lawless Bush era.. I dunno folks..

AMY GOODMAN: Explain exactly what happened. Talk about your time as governor, though you served in many different official capacities, elected positions in Alabama, and then exactly what happened to you.

DON SIEGELMAN: Well, I was raising money to get a state referendum passed that would establish a lottery…


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Ever news search for 'denies gay couple'; quite eyebrow raising and thought provoking imho...

And it's all domestic issues:

no wait.. costa rica (rotten vatican land) and danish?

Gay couple sues church after it refuses to sell them a mansion 'in ...

Daily Mail-18 hours ago

A gay couple is suing the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester over ... Gay couple says church denied Northbridge mansion sale to stop ...

Email At…


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Congrats to Black Atheists of America~ Ayanna rocks...



SEPTEMBER 4, 2012 Contact: Ayanna Watson

Title: CEO and President

Company: Black Atheists of America, Inc.



(New York City) - Black Atheists of America, BAAm, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation has been awarded by the Stiefel Freethought Foundation (SFF) with a major grant to…


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Brilliant man:

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