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Florida metal music band called 'Atheist' is on point:


Can you talk for a bit about some of the lyrical themes on the album?

It’s a slew of topics. “Live And Live Again” is sort of my thoughts on evolution. It’s just shocking to me that people have such a hard time swallowing that theory…


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Extended information rights of the free world. Freethought.

With the advent of the information supernet aka the internet; all questions to some extent can be found and or debated; all at once. Around the globe, unless censored by a monopolizing corporation that has a child-like fear monger for a CEO; a fundie perhaps. Perhaps a hater that paints w/fundiebrush to hide the actual nihilist views within. I digress.

Ingersoll, Ken 'el vikingo' Loukinen, Greydon Square, Freethinkers and atheists around the world speak as one every time we speak up… Continue

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Say word son!

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@ 1:34, STOP THE PRESSES! WOW. Woman breaks down because atheists tell the truth!

Red Mass 2010 in Washington D.C. we find a woman who is moved by our stand of truth! She breaks into tears and admits it is hard to be a catholic during the crisis of child molestation in the church. I was undecided whether to post this video online or not.

Rand Paul is a straight up psychopath.

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