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Florida metal music band called 'Atheist' is on point:


Can you talk for a bit about some of the lyrical themes on the album?

It’s a slew of topics. “Live And Live Again” is sort of my thoughts on evolution. It’s just shocking to me that people have such a hard time swallowing that theory…


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Extended information rights of the free world. Freethought.

With the advent of the information supernet aka the internet; all questions to some extent can be found and or debated; all at once. Around the globe, unless censored by a monopolizing corporation that has a child-like fear monger for a CEO; a fundie perhaps. Perhaps a hater that paints w/fundiebrush to hide the actual nihilist views within. I digress.

Ingersoll, Ken 'el vikingo' Loukinen, Greydon Square, Freethinkers and atheists around the world speak as one every time we speak up… Continue

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Say word son!

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@ 1:34, STOP THE PRESSES! WOW. Woman breaks down because atheists tell the truth!

Red Mass 2010 in Washington D.C. we find a woman who is moved by our stand of truth! She breaks into tears and admits it is hard to be a catholic during the crisis of child molestation in the church. I was undecided whether to post this video online or not.

Rand Paul is a straight up psychopath.

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MP3 Interview with author and activist?

We interview Jeff Sharlet, author of C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy, a follow-up to The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power. The Family, you may recall, is a secretive and radical Christian group that counts Senators and Congressmen among its… Continue

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Cool game

Easy, prehistoric.

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Saint's Revenge interview

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No concentration camp unless you choose to join the believers.

Hey, Obama is still potus!

I'm not in a concentration camp run by jesus nor muhammed Inc. made in China built here?

so, let's see, captured or killed, (2 that I know of) fundamentalists militant cults (possible race-driven connections) on Obama admin's watch, CHECK! all that WITHIN THE UNITED STATES.

Next time someone complains about America's current representative in the world;

make them listen to a speech from, pick a fascist fool from the past or dry-drunk present, tie… Continue

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Of skateboards and religions gone awry...

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Shoe time again.

Ah the souls. They tell so much.

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Solar panel taken down by Reagan WH may go up once again!

A group of Unity College students, led by environmentalist Bill McKibben, set out Tuesday for Washington, DC, carrying a solar panel that once stood atop President Jimmy Carter’s White House. In 1979, Carter installed solar panels on the roof of the West Wing as part of a

new solar strategy. They were removed by President Ronald Reagan in

and put…


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First creationists, haters and now psychics burning down American science? Belize, of coarse!

Basically whenever 'legend' has it... think twice.


Reports to Amandala are that the high emotions started to boil over from early Sunday morning when armed villagers—approximately 100 of them—showed up outside the Punta Gorda Police Station demanding that police go and search the American couple’s home in the Water Hole Area, approximately 11 miles outside Punta Gorda Town. Police didn’t accede to the demands and shortly afterwards, Vincent… Continue

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The black atheist does it again!

must rock!

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To whom may read this...

FCM! lovely.

now as for the latest check out my Nature 2010 photos;
this one's a keeper!

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Right-wingers of any sort are extremely harmful to the human race and bear watching

Adolf Hitler Campbell, 4, and his sisters, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation, 3, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie, 2, were taken from their New Jersey home in 2009.

The case first came to public attention in December 2008 after a shop refused to decorate a birthday cake for Adolf.

&, yikes:…


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