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For the kids.. not pills but 'tutoring' sounds about right... circumstances allowing..

curious if 'belief' or influence comes up...

Kagan has been studying developmental psychology at Harvard University for his entire professional career. He has spent decades observing how babies and small children grow, measuring them, testing…


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UN wants to regulate USA telecom...??????????

From Democracy Now org

The Obama administration has confirmed it will oppose any proposal to hand regulatory control of the internet to the United Nations. Proposals have circulated to bring the internet under U.N. auspices at a conference of the International Telecommunications Regulations in Dubai later this year. But in a new position paper, the United States said it would reject U.N. authority and continue with its current system of oversight by the Department of…


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Jindal wrote about the "physical dimensions of spiritual warfare" in a 1994 article for New Oxford Review, a Roman Catholic magazin




Game over folks if you vote for those freaks.. nah mean!?

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Speculation that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is on Republican Mitt Romney's short list of potential vice presidential candidates is drawing new scrutiny to his decades-old writing about an exorcist-type act he claims to have watched as a college student.

Political analysts say Romney, who rarely mentions his own Mormon faith in public, might be hesitant to pick Jindal as a…


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Report: Police Confiscating Condoms from Sex Workers? More Bush era influence fall out? Or... jeez wtf?


eport: Police Confiscating Condoms from Sex Workers

A new report has found police in major U.S. cities are confiscating condoms from sex workers, putting them at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. Human Rights Watch says police are harassing and threatening transgender…


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For those that did not think 'faith' had much to do w/influence etc.. with Miami guy that ripped face off homeless guy...

... . .. .. . ?

Yet faith remains a recurring theme in the story of Eugene’s life — and in his horrifying death. It is why he evangelized, led a Bible study for friends and had recently been looking for a church home. It is what sent his mother door to door, looking for a church that would have her son’s funeral. It is why police found verses ripped from his Bible scattered across the MacArthur Causeway a few feet from his body. And, perhaps, it is what helps people understand what…


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LOL a 2fer once again... yin and yang folks!

high tech

and the super romancing jesus!? low-tech!?!? i'm so confuuuused not.…


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The three headed bullshit criminal monster of (mostly?) S.Florida...

1. ponzi schemers (Jeb Bush's home-boys n' gals... programmed to continue being snob superficial'officials outta highschool)

2. synthetic drug hole loops (real nice for tearing apart families and causing tons of hospital visits I'm sure) - huge boon for faith-based btw ya got no brains…


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Guitar Zeroh aka whatevah...

is in shock (in a good way) from MAD C! wow that's all i'm txtn seeya!

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Founder of American Atheists (Madalyn Murray OHair) murderer dies in prison

David Waters, the man who authorities say was the mastermind behind a plot to rob and murder Madalyn Murray O'Hair, her son Jon and granddaughter Robin Murray, died in prison January 27 at the Federal Medical center in Butner, N.C. He reportedly succumbed to lung cancer at age 55.

In January 2001, Waters reached a plea agreement with federal prosecutors, and led…


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What kind of culture is Salvation Army? Kill the gay folks that what... (I knew this years ago)

take your source pick:

Salvation Army Official: Gays Deserve Death‎

The Atlantic Wire - 4 days ago

Just in time to ruin Gay Pride month, a media relations director for the Salvation Army had no problem reminding us and the queer journalists ...

Salvation Army Australia apologizes for official's anti-gay comments‎ (blog)

Salvation Army Hopes Gays 'Up and Die'‎ Vital VOICE

Salvation Army Rep: Gays Should Die‎ Daily Beast

Ology - The Week Magazine…


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