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Yet again in my never ceasing search to just rub the bible thumpers the wrong way (what can I say, it’s a gift) I came across this site.

Yes, when you get the call kitty and Rover will be well taken care of. Funny who the bible thumpers don’t care about their pets. But hey, if “God” wanted them in Heaven, they’d have their own litter box and fire hydrant.



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Pool Bars Muslim Woman for 'Burquini'

A lot of people in the US give France a hard time. Actually, from my personal experience in France the people like America. In fact, if it wasn’t for France, the United States might have lost the American Revolution against England. Seems that France also got way into debt helping the American Colonies fight the British. But that’s for another time and place to discuss.

Actually, in France there is a historical reason for this strong separation between “Church and State.” Prior to… Continue

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Thought I'd share this link to you.....

Every so often I came across something that I think might interest those of us who are members where since we have some similar interests. Came across this blog and thought I’d share the link to it with you.



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OUT ON A LIMB WITH EVOLUTION ....OR Let's have some fun with the "Creationists"

Ok, now it’s time for me to go out on a limb. I don’t know how sturdy the limb is, but let’s find out.

Evolution. What is it? The study of how living organisms adapt over time to their environment.

This is what one dictionary says:

ev·o·lu·tion NOUN:

I. A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more

complex or better form. See Synonyms at development.

1. The process of… Continue

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Those Wacky Creationist are at it again....

I won’t post the entire articles here. I don’t want to take up too much room. Besides, you can copy it and paste it to your word processing program. The articles are from Scientific American and deals with evolution and how it is under attack by the creationists. Funny, these are the same people who scream that “Christianity is under attack!”

Let’s try and point out to them that we’re… Continue

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EVIL FOXHOLE ATHEISTS.....we're everywhere......

I came across this article or blog by the actor Chuck Norris. It’s his views about people like us, ergo, “ATHEISTS!” Seems he’s also thrown in on the Obama birth certificate issue too. Funny how these people never ever want to talk about Senator John McCain and how he was born OUT SIDE THE UNITED STATES IN PANAMA. Of course, McCain was born on a military instillation there. His father, as his grandfather were all career Navy men.

Now,… Continue

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Richard Leroy Walters. The man was an atheist. He was well educated, had a few millions and was homeless. He left his estate to various organizations and a few individuals.

National Public Radio was one such recipient of his estate. They ran a story on the man.

It seems that the Catholic mission where Walters would visit also received a part of his estate. Also, Rita Belle, a devout Catholic, who befriended Walters also was a… Continue

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This man and his wife are RATS. Dirty, stinking, rotten to the core rats. And isn’t odd that they all share one thing? A to the death belief in “God” and their religion. And their child paid the price with it’s life.

Who wants to bet hard money that they are also “Pro-Life” individuals?

Rats like this guy have been around for thousands of years. They think nothing of sacrificing their children for their religious beliefs. A couple of years ago, the Terri Schiavo… Continue

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