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NOTE: I've also posted this on the military atheists section of this site.

For some time I've pondered this idea.

It's not a new idea by any means.

In fact, there have been two countries that I know of who have used this option.

One still uses it.

The other quite doing it back in the 1980's.

One was Spain and the other France.

They both had "Foreign Legions" as part of their military.

I know almost nothing… Continue

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What "Tort Reform" might mean to you, if you become a victim and attempt to seek justice in our court system.

In the last 20 plus years there has been a movement backed by several special interest groups that have focused on so called “tort reform” in our country. What the general population have heard the term “frivolous lawsuits.” In other words, lawsuits that have no foundation or basis.

You may have also heard such terms as, “Jack pot settlements.” Bush #43 used that while speaking to a medical group. He was met with cheers.

Well what has happened these special interest groups have… Continue

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BOOK REVIEW: Crazy for God...by Frank Schaeffer

Crazy for God: How I grew up as one of the elect, helped found the Religious Right, and lived to take all (or almost all) of it back

I first became aware of Frank Schaeffer a couple of months ago when Dr. Tiller was murdered. He appeared on MSNBC with Rachael Maddow.

When I first heard that he was one of the founders of the so called, "Christian Coalition" I immediately dismissed the man. Before he finished speaking I wanted to know more about the man and his… Continue

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I'm for a national health care plan and a public option....here's why...

This is about the Health Care issue.

There are a lot of loud voices out there screaming about it. The lies are flying. A lot of it is very emotional.

Personally I’m for it. Even for a Public Option.

But let me explain myself.

At one time in my life I was for getting rid of Social Security and Medicare. I thought it was leftist, un-American, and a nipple for those too lazy to work.

Over time, my attitude has changed.

One… Continue

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The Bible Pounding Season is Upon Us.

Yet again here in Texas it’s that time of the year. The bible pounders come out in force. Who are these people?

Those whose family tree that didn’t branch; those who have to take their pants off to think straight (not in the sexual sense..); those who need to really get laid; and the religious right wing nut cases who are just waiting for the world to end, come out onto… Continue

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Right Wing Crazies Who Should Be Drafted

I'm a little perplexed right now. Ya see, I know a few vets who served in Vietnam. One was finally able to put it past him about 8 years ago when a former service buddy had him do a sweat lodge on Indian reservation.

I've known others who were affected by Agent Orange. One was finally given VA disability because as they told him..."you are still alive..."…


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Lawyer sues to end Dallas group's 'threat' prayers

I got this from the Dallas Morning News. Mind you they were staunch supporters of George Bush #43. They are part of Belo. In the Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW) area you have your obligatory “mega” churches. A lot of them are mouth pieces for the so called “Republican Party.”

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson lives in the DFW area. And there have abeen a couple of high roller “preachers” who ran afoul of the Feds and one or two who thought it was best to “leave town.”

But, there are still some… Continue

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wknyjf7u4c Continue

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His book deals with “fundamentalism” and it’s influence on American politics. Having grown up in the “Bible Belt” I’ve know people like those in the book all my life. I just wonder how many of the actually wear their religion like a coat. They take it off and hang it up when they get home.

For those who’ve never been exposed to the likes of those in the… Continue

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