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Ok so there are those against having health care for everyone in the United States.

They have it in England, Germany, France, Canada, and a whole list of others.

Of course, there are those who in those countries who do not like it. Then they just need to pay for their own coverage.

Funny thing is, having been in the insurance game the first thing you learn is that there will be someone who’ll call up and tell you they are tired of their employer’s health care plan. They… Continue

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It's time to put the American Citizen FIRST!

My former business partner died about 4 weeks ago. She had been fighting cancer for over 15 years.

Due to a third rate doctor and an HMO, she was misdiagnosed and nickel and dimed to death for years by them.

But HMO’s are very proven experts in the “Nickel and Dime” game.

I use to be in the insurance business back in the mid 1990’s.

It was the “Seniors” market. Medicare and Long Term Care.

Many people switch to the HMO’s for the “free” insurance.

Most of them had… Continue

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A couple of centuries ago, a group of people had enough of their government’s official religion so they packed up and moved. They tried one or two different places. They were ok but they just didn’t seem to fit the bill.

So they decided to move further away. In fact, they decided to put a whole ocean between them and the rest of the world. Or the world as they knew it. Well they didn’t load up the “truck and move to Beverly….” like the… Continue

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When down and out, hungry, in shock, and at a mental low point offer them a “bone.”

I’m amazed how religions offer help but use it to “convey” their message. The “Evangelicals” are off to Haiti to bring help and so on. Personally, I think that’s great. In fact, I want them to stay there and don’t come back.

Now most of the people of Haiti are Catholic. I know that just upsets the likes of Pat Robertson. Why? I would think that they don’t get his show there. And since they might not get his show he can’t tap them for some… Continue

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A few years ago a friend and I were driving out in the country and found a nice little town to check out. We were just killing some time, checking out the towns history, some of the shops and it’s history. It was settled back in the 1800’s by mostly German immigrants.

Of course there were the ever present churches. This is the Bible Belt. My friend is ¾ American Indian and while raised a Catholic follows her American Indian ancestors… Continue

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Even in prison you can't get away from them...

I’ve had a couple of friend who worked as prison guards.

Mostly they work at the “State” level but also one who works on the Federal level. Reading this news article just made me laugh.

A convicted rapist is an atheist. He's also open about it. At least the guy is straight forward about being an atheist.

You get a lot of prisoners who “find God” as a way to buy favor and make themselves look good to various groups and the parole boards.

If only my… Continue

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Jesus Will Survive


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Preacher Jealous of a Real and Successful Entertainer

Rev. Fred Phelps, hungry for any press vis-a-vis attention has yet again made another outlandish statement.

I guess they all want to be the next Falwell or Robertson or Olsteen.

I kind of equate them to famous rock stars.

It's just that Robertson, Olsteen and the late (not late enough) Falwell come across as wanna be rock stars in the religious entertainment industry.

They have their TV shows, they have their big audiences, they have… Continue

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Naner Naner Boo Boo I can get some but a Priest can’t…

I’ve been pondering this for a couple of hours and I thought I’d post it here. I’d like to see what your response to this subject is.

Here is the point I’m pondering:

Why does the Catholic Church condemn Homosexuality as going against nature? Or should I say considers it a “sin?” Now there are those who are not Catholic who say that Homosexuality is not “natural” as well. Okay fine I can deal with that.


The Catholic Church requires it’s Priests and Nuns to be… Continue

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Catholicism: The “Because We Say So” Religion unless you've got a lot of money...

I came across this article while surfing.

Here in the United States the Catholic Church used it’s followers to push a “No Abortion Funding” through the Congress. In most places, if a politician wants to be elected, they must, in most cases, become “Pro Life.”

I know of only one openly Atheist congressmen.

Back in the mid 1980’s the Christian… Continue

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This guy has been around for a while.

But he just came up on my “radar.” I guess because I’m not a sports fan that’s the reason I’ve never heard of the kid.

Okay so this kid plays football. He plays currently on the college level. Like I said, I’m not a sports fan.

So it came to my attention a few weeks ago that this kids, is well, a “bible thumper” in pads.

On his cheeks where you place the black paint to reduce glare (how much light is… Continue

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ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT BIBLE POUNDER!.......sigh....again......

Well they usually come on Saturday morning.

Usually before 10.


Unless they are Mormons and come during the week.

And I must say, they, at least in my case, come at REASONABLE HOURS.

But this one...started on Friday evening.....


So I've got a Facebook page. Yes I'm there as "Goddamnathiest."

If you want to check it out, go head. I don't get any points. I don't get any revenue from any… Continue

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The "We Say So" factor of Religions and Beliefs

I’m constantly amazed by the “flexibility” of “religion.”

If you’re a homosexual then certain charity or faith based charity medical will deny you medical help.

I’m sure “Christ” asked before he laid his hands on people what their sexual persuasion was.

And that “Gays” and “Lesbians” can’t go to heaven. I was under the impression that there was some guy with a book at the front of heaven that directed you where to go.

Silly… Continue

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Sorry I've made a mistake..not a "big" mistake like Weapons of Mass Destruction..but a mistake none the less.....

It seems that I have made a mistake about the Family Guy show. It seems that I'm months behind in my viewing. I watch it on Adult Swim.

Along with the Venture Brothers.....

The show as some have pointed out has already been broadcast. And yes Brian did come out as an atheist. Most of the "Family" on Family Guy were not happy with it. Seems that Meg also finds "God."

Ya know....with the is "God" person being lost and… Continue

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How People Preceive Us..........

I just finished reading an article about how one of the characters from the cartoon show, "Family Guy" is going to reveal himself as an atheist.

It's Brian.



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Do As We Say Or We'll Send You To Hell...... You're Local Catholic Bishop

Well it seems that some “religious” organizations still think that they can control people and rule the world.

I don’t hate to break this to them but it is the year 2009.

That poor Jewish guy that got nailed to a cross, or so we are told, died well over 2009 years ago.

He’s dead.

Deal with it.

The Catholic Church has decided that they, not the American people are… Continue

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The Military Religious Freedom Foundation has added Frank Schaeffer as a board member.


I've read his book, "Crazy for God." For what it's worth I have mixed feelings about this appointment.

But, reading his book I have mixed feelings about him and his family. They run from pure sympathy to confusion to well, hate.

Now, that all said and done, Mr. Schaeffer left the so called "Christian Coalition" and is… Continue

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Republican Gomorrah: Inside the Movement that Shattered the Party

At one time I was an active member of the Republican Party, when it was still the Republican Party.

Now it’s filled with crack pots, loons and religious crazies. But it wasn’t always that way. At one time the Republican Party wanted a balanced budget. As we saw under Georgie Bush #43, the United States National Debt more then doubled in under 6 years of his leadership. We also invaded a country that had nothing to do with the attacks on September 11,… Continue

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I came across this news item today and thought I'd share it with you. But first.......

Let me clear the air here for anyone who just does not get my stand on this issue.

I don’t need no god damn priest or bishop sticking their nose in my personal business.

I don’t need no god damn pope sitting on a throne in Rome Italy telling me what I can or cannot do.

If I do, then I’ll become a Catholic.

What happens between me and my doctor is… Continue

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And now for the people who "DRIVE" the 'Small School Bus"......

Bus Driver Forces Passengers to Pray

WSBTV in Atlanta reported that MARTA bus driver, Leroy Matthews, was suspended for five days after forcing passengers to pray with him.

Passenger Christopher James was trying to exit the bus, but Matthews wouldn't let him. Instead the driver asked him to join hands with him and three other passengers to pray. James was so taken aback by the request that he agreed to the four minute… Continue

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