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The new Interpretation of the garden of Eden


Chuck Poutas Actually, when we're in the womb, and in infancy, we rely on "Mom-God" to provide our every need. THIS is the 'Garden Of Eden' As we grow, our knowledge of the world expands, and we're more responsible for ourselves. We're "cast out" of this garden of eden. As a toddler, we had an imaginary friend. Most worldwide move this imaginary friend from here on earth, to up…


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Religion is protection of crimes

             Crime and Punishment or Religion and punishments. 

Punishments by religious fanatics are more cruel that what law treats are crimes. Ironically religion gives protection to crime.  Scriptures also endorse actions that people feel in their dreams or hallucination. Bible talks about Abraham taking his only son to ‘kill’ because God told so in his dream.…


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Response to The National Registry of Atheists - Globalization a threat to Atheism?

Globalization a threat to atheism?

When national boundaries disappear; chimpanzees avoid single combat.

How will people organize themselves?

This is in response to ‘Florida pastor Michael Stahl suggested that known atheists be categorized on a list he called "The Christian National Registry of Atheists."…


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Only thru programming our own memory can we control our lives

We all learn since birth, but do we learn how to organize it all. School arithmatic teaches us all that we need to manage money. Is money more important than knowledge?

If we cannot program the memory of our mobile phones, then how good is it. Likewise if we dont program our memories how good is our memory to us. Or those who know how to program our memories are enslaving us?

Any way leadership lies beyond where teaching reaches!

If people get into a self improvement…


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