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New Look for "A Cleverer Version Of Myself"

Hooray! I finally changed my blog!

I have been hoping to get some art and my new "logo" up on this blog for quite some time and last night, after some serious html wars with blogger, I managed to get things to look pretty much like I intended.

The new art at the top is mine, obviously, and I'm hoping to get it onto a T-shirt pretty soon... just have to get a day that I can pull out all of my screen printing supplies and get organized.

For your viewing pleasure,… Continue

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Caramel Filled Jesus

Easter's right around the corner.

How do I, a snarky atheist, know this? Good question.

I know because I work at my local public library which is gearing up for the annual "Easter Egg Hunt". That's right ladies and gentlemen, you can put your minds at ease (as is so often the case with people of faith) knowing that your tax dollars are well spent... on candy filled plastic eggs.

Now before you get all pissy (atheists and theists alike) here's what I have to… Continue

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Ensign Rose's Neighborhood.

When I was a kid, I loved Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. I mean I REALLY loved it. I loved it so much that, in one episode, when a man in a music shop snapped at Mr. Rogers, I got about as mad and upset as I've ever been in my life. As an adult, I've come to see how much Mr. Rogers influenced me and other children, and what an amazing person he was.

Now, I work with kids, planning activities and doing programs with children of all ages. Sometimes, when planning a program, I feel kind of… Continue

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Empty The Haunted Air

If you haven't seen "Known Universe" on the National Geographic Channel, you should go tell your Tivo to record it, or find it on YouTube, or otherwise, go to a friend's house. It's a fantastic show for the "Science Fan". Scott and I were watching it this afternoon when it covered the composition of the atom.

We all grew up being taught that atoms are composed of protons and neutrons with little electrons whizzing around, quite close, to the nucleus:

The electrons are actually… Continue

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New, hidden post.

I posted a new blog entry today... but for some reason Blogger decided to stick it under yesterday's post. Odd.

I thought it was high time that I wrote about the impossible man that is my father.

Anyway, here it is:

My dad is extremely intelligent. But sometimes he gets a little carried away and ends up being one of these people who is ready to believe any piece of pseudo-scientific, crackpot, conspiracy theory news. For example:

Giant Worms on… Continue

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Galileo and Galapagos

Today is Galileo's birthday! Woohoo!

Galileo was a really kickass guy from Pisa who loved space and science and math and philosophy. He had such a passion for observing the fundamental truths that (literally) make the planet go round that he spent his life looking through his telescope to find them. He was also a major supporter of heliocentric cosmology which really upset the guys in charge.…


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The Package.

When I was in fourth grade, nine years old and on the cusp of double digits, my friends and I all went through a phase where we wanted braces. None of us understood it, exactly, but we all longed for them from the depths of our fourth grade souls. Sometime in all of this one of the girls discovered that unwinding a paperclip and fitting it to the shape of a nine year old mouth, then sticking it in, behind our lips to poke at our gums all day gave the desired effect. Yes, it was painful, but we… Continue

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Ok, so for a few days, I had to abandon my (self imposed) blog writing resposibilities. I had a lot of stuff to catch up on and the blog kind of fell to the wayside while I worked tirelessly to complete the fifty pages of new fiction that were due to my mentor.

Hopefully I'll be back on track now.

Or... at least back on track until the next writing packet is due!

Thanks for being awesome!

-Ensign Rose…


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Keeping it holy.

Guess what (finally) came in the mail. My very own Biblical Garden!!! So this sabbath morning, instead of resting I made my own little micro climate! And... it only took me twenty minutes at which point I said:
"Suck it, God. I totally beat your record!"

Because I'm competitive like that.

Granted, the seeds haven't sprouted yet as you can see:

Continue at: A Cleverer Version of Myself

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Near Death as an Atheist

I had a wreck yesterday on the way home from work.

I hit a patch of ice and lost control of the car and as it slid toward the guard rail, I yelled loudly, "Fuck!" and thought of all the things I haven't done.

Lots of people, when faced with the prospect of death, consider their god. Maybe they make a desperate attempt to get right with Jesus or whoever before sliding into the unknown, but I didn't really have any interest in that.

My first thought was of my husband,… Continue

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Thanks Mojoey!

Good news! "A Cleverer Version of Myself" has been added to The Atheist Blogroll. The Atheist blogroll is a community building service provided free of charge to Atheist bloggers from around the world. If you would like to join, go over and visit Mojoey at Deep Thoughts for more information.

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Visit my actual blog for extra super fun times.

Visit my actual blog for extra super fun times. Continue

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