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Another debate with TheHonestTheist

So I asked him a simple question on why we should interpret the bible differently now then the way we used to because if it's the infallible word of God then it shouldn't need to be "Interpreted". His answer? "God works in mysterious ways" I was at an utter loss for words.

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Debate with TheHonestTheist

I'm currently debating TheHonestTheist on the existence of God and the integrity of the Bible. He's asked me to provide a solid argument against the existence of God so I basically just psychoanalyzed the Bible. "Why did god take 5 days to create the Earth if he is omnipitent, why not do it all instantaneously" and things like that. Anything anyone wants to ask this celebrity among the Youtube Christian community?

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Bible Study

Well, in school I have recently attended a few Bible Study classes just out of pure interest. During most of I I could barely stop myself from laughing, but today however, I was fuming. The teacher was talking about how the Bible was the infallible word of God and that they were God's instruments, she also commented on how "secular-humanists" A.K.A. Atheists are close minded and seek simple Earthly pleasures to fill the void left by their lack of faith in God. I just wanted to yell, especially… Continue

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