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Take Me to the River, or Possibly the Freezer

The Mormons have again gotten into trouble for baptizing people after they were dead. The Mormons defend the practice because they feel it solves the theological problem of people who died before the one true faith (theirs) was founded being ineligible to attain Mormon salvation.

One the face of it, this is a generous offer. The faith I was raised in,…


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Does Jesus Love Tim Tebow More Than You?

Now that Peyton Manning's headed for Denver, it may be a sign that Jesus-Tim Tebow relationship is cooling a little, but back towards the end of last season, this was the burning question.

The author is trying to avoid thinking about the entire football season this year, since both his favorite teams finished 8-8 and out of the playoffs, but it's hard to avoid hearing about born-again QB Tim Tebow. His latest …


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Burn Them All

Now that Quran burning is killing people again, I think my thoughts on the original Quran Burner are worth revisiting. And for you Rick Santorum fans out there, I mentioned his advice to talk to plants today on my blog.

The …


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The Bright Side of the Apocalypse

With Harold Camping back in the news by apologizing to us all for having unsuccessfully predicted the end of the world last year, it's time to recall those festive days. I enjoyed them as much as most people of non-faith, so I thought I'd contribute one of my pieces from back then. 

Apparently, the end of the world is scheduled sooner than both of my readers have been thinking. Most of us, especially those of us…


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The Parable of the Disc Jockey

Non-believers need parables's one I posted on my blog a few months ago.

A man had owned a seaside bar in a harbor town for many years. Most of those years had been prosperous; his bar's deck was the widest and his beer was the coldest and his waitresses the most nubile of any bar in the town. Tourists and locals alike flocked to his club to drink and…


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