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Roofies Good, Morning After Pills Bad--God on Rape

A lot of you wonder how I feel about human life and when it begins. I get a lot of puzzled prayers on it. "Lord," these supplicants say. "do you really mean it when you say some four-cell blastocyst is the same as a real breathing human being like Ted Nugent or Honey Boo-Boo?"

To which I respond, Hell yeah. Life is sacred because I make it that way. All seven billion of you are made in My image, from the coldest Eskimo in Nome to the hottest stripper in…


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"Spiritual But Not Religious" Pisses People Off

I hadn't seen the term "spiritual but not religious" since I quit computer dating going on two years ago, having found the perfect woman for me on the Internet. While I was cyber-dating, it was featured on nearly every profile I clicked on. Perhaps many women just don't want to admit that they are out-and-out atheists or merry agnostics, at least in public, but the "S but not R" box was the one most of them chose. The second most common was "Christian," the third "Catholic." The rarest…


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Feathery Dinosaurs Don't Tickle Bible Nuts

In a development completely unimportant in both theology and science, fundamental Christians have expressed their opposition to feathered dinosaurs.

A little background here: Creationistas, who believe the Bible to be literally true, have always had…


Added by Richard Cahill on October 6, 2012 at 11:02am — 1 Comment



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